How to Start a Key Cutting Business

A business comes in two forms: selling products and rendering services. If you would like to operate your own business and feel more comfortable rendering service, then one of the businesses you can start up with is the key cutting business. If you are also willing to have a hardware store or locksmith business in the future, then this is the right one for you.

To ensure you can provide a kind of service that a client will love, you must also be trained well.

Everyone has sets of keys in the house. These are essential tools in securing the privacy and the security of properties. But there are instances when these keys need to be duplicated for several purposes. As a form of a stand-alone business, key cutting is considered a low-volume and low-revenue-producing business. But by supporting your business with a mobile key cutting, you can easily earn money in no time. By being so industrious in looking for your clients through marketing strategies, you can be one of your area's most demanded vital cutting.

Starting a Key Cutting Business

With the use of critical blanks and high-quality key-cutting machines, any key will be cut. These critical machines cost from $400-$1,000 and can also be operated automatically or manually. To get these machines for lower prices, you can check out several auction stores and sites that sell them. Getting one will make you very lucky enough to start your business at a low expense. You also need the blanks, the raw materials used as draft templates for carving the groove patterns of the original keys, to create a duplicate key.

You also need to have different key blanks varieties for you to be able to create a requested key. In this kind of business, the most challenging part is identifying the key and not cutting it. There are different kinds of keys as to purpose and as to use as well. There are some which appear common while others are so rare. There are also several critical boats, entry doors, motorcycles, and automobile manufacturers. In every project you do, do not forget to have blank keys. You also need to have a supply of critical blanks, especially those used in homes and vehicles. In purchasing these key blanks, you must also do them wholesale so that you can always track your inventory.


  • Arnold Espinosa said on July 12, 2013
    Arnold Espinosa ," mobil key cutting svc." I have 25 years locksmith experience , and would like to start a mobil key cutting business . 910 Lehman st. #24, Houston Tx. 77018
  • Elie said on July 11, 2019
    Hi, do you need to be a locksmith to be able to open a small key cutting business in South Africa?
  • Kenny Madonsela said on September 16, 2019
    Good day, I am interested in opening a small business for key duplication using Model 102X, please assist with more information or advice. thank you
  • Ali said on July 16, 2020
    To whoever it may concern. Hope you are doing well. my name is Ali from Kenya looking for advice on key cutting. thanks for the advice from above. I am looking for more information like how to cut the key.
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  • festus munywoki said on February 19, 2021
    yes i have an interest on these since i am always looking for self employment and a unique one.


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