Starting a Horse Boarding Business

Many entrepreneurs are deciding to open a horse boarding business. This is one way of converting large piece of idle land into a barn.

Horse boarding business can also create other income by offering other services in the facilities.

Many countries including United States have a great demand of horse boarding barns that can accommodate and feed horses. Apparently, there are many horse owners who have no enough space to house the horses. The good thing about opening this kind of business is that you can have the chance to open other opportunities such as horse shows, clinics and lessons. If you have enough knowledge about horses this is the perfect business that you can start. As much as possible you should know how to recognize illnesses of horse like colic. Having enough experience in appropriate horse care is another important aspect and at the same time you should have the capability to interact with the horse as well as the owners.

Facilities and Contacts

When starting a horse boarding business, it is not enough to open just a boarding barn. Make sure that the barn has pastures and stalls. This is important in order to get the best return financially. On the other hand, other facilities can also be installed such as individual pastures, outdoor arena, trails, round pen, meeting room and stall mats. In case you are planning to have these facilities it would also require you to have contacts of hay growers and suppliers to supply hay in the barn. Likewise, it is also ideal if you grow hay in your location to ensure that the barn will never run out of hay in case the supply drops.

Planning and Legalities

Before starting the business, it is important to develop a plan. Determine how you will care and feed the horse everyday. If you cannot devote all your time in the boarding barn, the best thing to do is to hire personnel who will do the daily task in the barn. In like manner, implementing effective marketing technique is also essential so that people will know that you are offering other services in the boarding barn. Proper planning ahead of time would help in making an easy and smooth flow of business. In addition, it is also your responsibility to prepare contracts for the boarders. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your occupants.

Other things to consider include studying the current market, evaluating the current location as well as setting the pricing strategy. Doing this you can determine the competition in the area and how it runs. You should also evaluate how other owners charged their customers in the boarding facilities. When planning for the charges you should include in the computation the overhead charges.


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