How to Start a Boarding House Business

To start a boarding house business one must consider the demographics of the area to further analyze the best location for the boarding house as the success of this type of business greatly depends on its location.

Location is everything when it comes to having a successful boarding house business as people are more likely to board in commercial areas and near business establishments and schools.

Do the necessary review of your chosen location including the demographics and area assessment of the locale. Be able to select an ideal location, mark it down and secure it once the decision has been made final. Continually review the location to assess the different requirement of the boarding house such as if it needs certain supplies or food establishments. Your dorm is sure to become more profitable if you can assess the most basic needs of your potential tenants all within the same building.

Create a business plan from the gathered information. Make a list of services you plan on offering to your potential clients and be able to generate a list of guidelines or rules and regulations for the boarding house. There are several things you must consider here as a lot of issues may be tackled and should therefore be immediately assessed in your written documentation. With that in mind you may want to view the competition, other boarding houses in the area and evaluate how they handle certain issues and the corresponding documentation that amends it.

To further evaluate your legalities you will need to seek legal counsel. Consult with a lawyer and keep in touch with the local government to make sure all your legal documents are in order and that you are abiding by the local and national laws on the business. With this you may also assess the needs of the boarding house with your lawyer and their corresponding terms of usage. Draft out all these items and make a financial breakdown of all your amenities and basically everything you will need and what you will be spending on in the business. These aspects may also be discussed with an accountant to make sure you gather all the necessary data and assess it as required. As much as possible you will not want to miss anything out.

Once you have a clear view of the things you will need to purchase it is time to look for your suppliers. This hold true not only for the items you need in your boarding house but also for overall construction considering of course your purchase was not an existing establishment. Other wise you need not concern yourself too much on the renovation until you progress further in your business. Upon setting up of all your necessary requirements and approval and application of the necessary permits and licenses it is time to advertise your new business to the local community. Flyers and local advertisements may suffice for the meantime or you may consider advertising on the local television and radio or even on the internet.


  • Bobbie jobe said on November 13, 2012
    i want to start a business in austin tx. i think I found a great area for a boarding house I just need the help on getting started I am in this project alone and I really think there are many people who need the help and places to live there are many many people who are homeless and need places to go.
  • JoAnn said on November 24, 2012
    I started a vacation village on Corpus Christi Beach with the help of the Local college and it was free, I think they have the same program in Austin. They helped me write my business plan and secure financing. I am now looking to move back home, new grand baby. I plan to open a M State boarding house And summer vacation rentals in Minnesota Lakes Country.
  • fredia jackson said on November 27, 2012
    pa on open a board house in jefferson county
  • Iris Miller said on January 19, 2013
    I would like to buy and renovate old houses in the South Dallas, Oak Cliff areas, for boarding houses for homeless and people that get small pensions and Government Benefits.... I have no money to get started...... Can someone tell me if there are grants available and where do I find them.
  • Danny Lemons said on May 6, 2013
    My wife and I would love to have as much information on start a boarding house here in Norman Oklahoma 73071 area... and would love to have more information on go forward with this. starting with getting our business license to help with some of the cost .
  • micha horne said on May 21, 2013
    Looking to open a Boarding House business in San Francisco Or Sacramento.
  • Ms Smith said on May 30, 2013
    In the process of starting a boarding house/transitional house in Maryland.
  • Mystic Rose Social Service Inc. said on June 29, 2013
    If you are looking to start a boarding are transitional home please contact our office toll free 855-256-7736. We will govern manage your home for you. Mystic Rose Social Service is a contracted federal government agency that can do business in every state of America. Google our company for more information.
  • MR.A.DEMORE said on August 7, 2013
    it well be in Cleveland ohio the location is on uint ave east 80 stree in cuy,
  • ramon said on January 6, 2014
    I'm in stlouis mo. I want to know if theres grants available for opening a boarding home
  • Theodore Smith said on January 15, 2014
    I would like to establish a boarding house in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The population is about 90 thousand. I have a whole bag of question. I would appreciate any help concerning this matter.
  • Lorraine said on February 17, 2014
    I am wanting to open a "senior boarding house" for older people who need shelter, food and companionship in an safe environment. Need funding to buy house that would work and find out info on state requirements if any? NC, Harnett County, Thanks
  • crystal broomer said on July 5, 2014
    I wanna start senior citizens boarding home Wat do I need to do
  • Daniel said on July 18, 2014
    Hello I am interested in buying, renovating and operating a boarding house for homeless, disabled, and/or veterans in the Memphis, TN area. I could use some help getting started and information on which group I could best assist. Thanks.
  • khomotso said on July 20, 2014
    Local suburbs in Polokwane, limpopo (flora park, fauna park, ladanna)
  • kris pilgrim said on September 12, 2014
    how to start a boarding house business in Omaha, NE
  • regina said on September 19, 2014
    how to Start a boarding house in Rustenburg central. I have a house already in town. Need help in setting up of all the necessary requirements and approval and application of the necessary permits and licenses.
  • Erin said on October 2, 2014
    I need to understand the monies involved upfront to opening my houses as Boarding Houses. Cincinnati, Ohio. How long does take from start to.finish, assuming all inspections pass immediately
  • Hope Boykins said on October 13, 2014
    Looking to start a boarding home in Suffolk, Virginia to benefit low income individuals. In need of housing.
  • Hope Boykins said on October 13, 2014
    I am looking to start a boarding home in Suffolk, Virginia to accommodate low income in need of a decent place to live.
  • Sharon said on November 11, 2014
    Want to open a boarding home in the Charlotte, NC area. could you please share what license(s) is/are required
  • my name is ms Jones said on December 11, 2014
    I'm trying to open a veteran board house and elderly/disabled board house I was trying to know how u get start and is there any grants to help u are programs
  • Calvin Belton said on January 2, 2015
    how to start boarding house business in Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19136
  • Calvin Belton said on January 2, 2015
    I would to open a boarding home to provide the necessary services for disabled or homeless veterans.
  • nakia said on January 5, 2015
    I would like to open a home for teenage girl and need a home how can get the help here in Buffalo newyork
  • Barbara Williams said on January 22, 2015
    I'm in Bronx New York. I will like to know how do I go about opening a Boarding House in Brooklyn or Bronx New York. Also where can I get funding and how can I go about getting someone to donate a House for my Business
  • Vickye Woods said on March 12, 2015
    I am in Greensboro NC and would like to start a full service veterans home. I already have the house, I need any information on setting up,running, and advertising the house. Any and all help would be appreciated. Please contact me at Thank-you Vickye
  • Sylvia said on April 11, 2015
    hi I need some advice and direction on what steps to open a boarding home in texas for low income and mentally challenged people. i don't know where to start. i have worked in geriatric for years. i have a home with plenty of space. i just need some direction and know how legally and ethically . thank you
  • Sylvia said on April 11, 2015
    Yes I would like to open a boarding house in texas. please send me any and all information to get my business off and running
  • STACIE BALL said on April 22, 2015
    I am looking to start a boarding house in duluth ga if there are any grants or government funding that is out there please anyone let me know
  • GRACE said on May 20, 2015
    I am looking on starting up a boarding house around my place there is a school and was thinking this could be a good idea but now I really need some help on the funding can anyone assist.
  • Jacci Gipson said on June 29, 2015
    I am sincerely thinking about opening up a home for parolees, disabled or homeless single people. I really need assistance on where to start. Please help!
  • Barbara Solomon said on June 30, 2015
    I live in Nashville, Tn--I am interested in opening a boarding/rooming house in the metro area or 30 miles from Nashville, Tn--is there any grants to help--should I try and find a place first?--Thank you.
  • April Galangi said on July 29, 2015
    Sir/Mam, I need to get a complete business plan with its financial statement for my reference purpose..Thank you!!
  • Thuy waters said on August 10, 2015
    Hello my name is Thuy , i live in Spokane valley Wa . I am in medical fill for 10 yrs now just a caregiver CNA , work experience in Adult family home , a Boarding home Nursing facility . I m hard working and love to take care people. I think is it time for me to stand on my own feet and open business by my own . I have a home with 8 bedroom , (4 bedroom is 120 sq with out closet , another 4 is 150sq with out closet ) 4 bath room with 2 walking in shower & 2 is bath tub . Location closer to high school , city bus , industrial part valley mall hospital fire department 5 m for drive . Please i would very much appreciated you assisting me with any information how to open a boarding home step by step ... Thank so much
  • Shelia Hubbbard said on August 10, 2015
    Hi my name is Shelia Hubbard I will like to open a boarding house for people that may need a place to live please if you can I would like more information on how to get it started ...thank you
  • Vickye Woods said on August 12, 2015
    I am very much interested in starting a boarding house in Greensboro NC. I need information about permits, paperwork etc
  • T King said on August 19, 2015
    Hello, I'm looking to open a boarding home in Texas and need to know if anyone could help point me in the correct direction so that I can get started... Thanks
  • D smalls said on September 22, 2015
    Wanting to open a boarding or transitional housing for homeless in Wichita, Kansas I have no idea of what I need to do to get started.
  • vincent hairston said on October 29, 2015
    Detroit, michigan, 313 205 8255
  • rochelle said on November 11, 2015
    Hi! I have a 3-4 bedroom home in Memphis, Tn. that is already furnished and ready to start a boarding house. I would like to cater to seniors / veterans. I need help in pointing me in the right direction as to my next move. My home is ready to provide shelter with love for someone in need. Please give me some information on what I need to do next. Thanks..
  • Celeb Rogers said on December 31, 2015
    I would like to start a boarding home in Boley Oklahoma, I am looking into getting a loan/grant and a blueprint for the proper construction to make sure its up to code and states requirements. I need step by step instruction and direction to all licensing and documentation to make sure I dont run into any mishaps along the way to a successful business, if i should go non profit? through government? etc.
  • Benita Martin said on January 27, 2016
    Hello I am in Cleveland Ohio, I would like to start a boarding house for veterans or senior citizens of children. I'm not sure where to start, who would I call in this area that could help me with this?
  • Quentin Scott said on May 23, 2016
    Hi, my name is Quentin and I would like to start a boarding house in Lorain, Ohio. I need to know how to get started.
  • Latese Bulloch said on June 8, 2016
    Hello my name is Latese and I am in Grand Rapids, MI I want to start up a business in boarding houses are there grants offered in Michigan. I also need all the help possible to get started.
  • nakia Scott said on June 27, 2016
    Hi.. My Name is Nakia Scott.. I am interested starting a boarding house for veterans and Senior citizens in Cleveland Ohio area.. Please send me as much info as you can regarding the start up.. Thank You!
  • Debbie Murphy said on September 4, 2016
    I am also interested in starting boarding home for veterans and the elderly can you send me info on that and grants available out there to help
  • Tremetra Whiteside said on September 6, 2016
    I'm currently a student in Business Management and I'm going to open a boarding house in Greenville, Sc. I need help finding funding to start-up my business. I'm currently in the process of writing my business plan.
  • BeNita Martinez said on February 15, 2017
    I would like to start a boarding house in Cleveland Ohio for veterans and or people with disabilities. I need information about requirement and where to connect with individuals.
  • NOTHANDO said on September 7, 2018
  • Veronique said on September 17, 2018
    Want to open a boarding house in East London. South Africa. In my house. need help
  • April said on January 26, 2019
    I would like to open a boarding house in Greenville SC. I need information on how to start one.
  • Angela and Alvin Lee said on March 29, 2019
    I have a four-bedroom home that we would like to rent to Homeless Veterans. How do we go about this goal?
  • Tennel Caver said on February 12, 2020
    Hi, I want to start a veteran boarder home and need to know what credentials I need and what kind of funding help I can get.
  • Enola Spencer said on February 10, 2022
    How to Run A Boarding House with Families I need a boarding house with families like married couples with children and single parents with children and other people, and I'll write a food menu and their children will have their rooms with each other like sharing and the parents will have their rooms too.


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