How to Start a Chair Massage Business

If you want to start a chair massage business, you need to have a great experience as a massage therapist. You will need to finish special massage courses to earn certification.

Address all legal aspects and lease out the space. Use the right advertising methods to promote the business like fliers and pamphlets.

Do you want to start a new business? A chair massage business can be a great way to earn considerable profits. If you’re an experienced massage therapist, you can be at an advantage. With this type of business, you will be able to deliver your services to your targeted clients. You will need to begin with a plan and from there you can already enter this venture. A business plan is what you need to have a roadmap to success. You can address all startup issues until the operations of the business.

Steps to Starting Your Own Chair Massage Business

Even if you’re going to bring the business to clients, you will still need a good location. Instead of purchasing the space, try leasing it out to cut down the costs. You will need to decide on the business structure (sole, partnership, or corporation) and secure the needed licenses or permits. Purchase the needed office supplies and equipment beforehand. Depending on the size of your business, you will need to hire employees. Hire only competent staffs and certified massage therapists. This will allow you to provide the best services to your clients. You can have several massage tables on your business space so that you can cater to clients that visit your store but be sure to focus on home or office services.

You have to gather your marketing materials. Print out pamphlets, business cards, and fliers that you can give away. Try visiting the local neighborhood and business establishments in your area to promote the business. It is important that you market your business professionally. To be able to hire employees, you need to secure an Employer Identification Number. This is important for tax purposes. Before you schedule for the opening of the business, all massage supplies should be complete.

You will also need to invest on a chair massage that you can bring to the various locations you’ll be servicing. Make sure that you also bring some cleaning spray, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and other supplies. You should be prepared since not all locations have sinks where you can wash. Be sure to wear the right clothing that is comfortable. If you and your employees have long hair, it should be tied neatly. Some clients can be easily bothered by scents, so try using perfumes that are not that smelly. To keep you hydrated, bottled water is needed. Refer to your business plan if you’re not sure which step to take. When everything is set, you can launch the business.


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