How to Start a Garbage Collection Business

To start a garbage collection business can seem too simple at first but there are still important steps to be taken to ensure the success of the operations of your business.

This article shares to you the key concepts you need to make it big in this seemingly simple kind of business.

Getting the Documents Ready

When you think of starting a garbage collection business, you already jump to the idea of buying a garbage truck and collecting the trash in the area. If only things could be as simple as that. However, we live in a civilized world where there are necessary paperwork to be accomplished before you start out on anything, especially in putting up a business. You have to have a name for your business and then register that name. You also have to acquire insurance for the vehicle and your employees as well as bonds for your staff. There are permits you should get and taxes should be filed also.

Have the Know-How

It is not enough that you know how to drive the garbage truck or that you have hired a driver. You have to determine first the costs of putting all things together as well as the expense of the day to day operation. In terms of costing, you should include employee salary, office expenditures, fuel cost and maintenance cost. After the expense, you should set up a route and schedule of your garbage pick-up. This way, you can cover as much areas as possible in the least amount of time. Not only will you be saving on time, you can be saving up on fuel cost too.

Look into the Details

Do not buy garbage trucks just because it looks good or because it is cheap. Buy the garbage trucks that can give you the most amount of space so you can pick up more garbage in each run. The truck should also be labeled with the details of the company in magnetic decals. Indicate the name of the business and the contact information. Another detail that should not be set aside is the restrictions of the landfills. Take note of them so you can have lasting relationship with the dumping management.

Get the Word Out

Make some noise and shout to the world that you are ready for business. Advertising is important for this will bring in good amount of clients. Make sure you make your commercials, brochures and fliers very appealing. Build a website for your company so you can access more market over the internet. For your initial run, you can offer promos and discounts so people would be willing to try out your service. Of course, you have to follow through with the service. If you put all you can in the operation and then neglect the service, all of your hard work will become nothing.


  • Taruvinga Sabe said on January 29, 2011
    Whats the costs of starting a Garbage collection business?
  • Angelo DuRousseau said on April 14, 2012
    San Antonio TX 78233. I have an S10 pick up and want to do a trash/old furniture/recycle business that most neighborhoods have stuffed garages that they wait for a one year pick up of the throw away items. I dont have a name but i have a truck and I'm broke. I have read some articles and they make sense but no true dollar amount to start with. I'm not really interested in wet garbage but more like moving someones home or little odd & ins well. Its a truck I may as well make some money with it right?
  • Jimmy said on June 3, 2012
    Hello, I am a young man aged 31years not working and want to start up a garbage pickup business in my area. currently there is an old lady that picks up garbage but almost everyone doesn't like her customer service and she doesn't care. At times she never shows up for weeks. some people have even starting leaving their rubbish on the streets. I stay in New Ngombe township in Lusaka , Zambia and want to better my township and also make some money for my family. How do I start this business?
  • James said on June 21, 2012
    Hello, I am a young man aged 30 years not working and want to start up a garbage pickup business in my area. The current people offer this service give us bad service and want to offer a better one. I in my township in Lusaka , Zambia and also make some money for my family. How do I start this business?
  • Darlington said on March 21, 2013
    Hello, I am a young man aged 24 year and not working. I want to start up a garbage pickup business in my area because the current people offering the service have got poor services and I would like to offer the town a better one. How may I start this Garbage collection business?
  • silos otieno said on December 20, 2013
    hi! I have been in the marketgarbage collection business for the past 8 yrs but currently the market is flooded with competition, how do i improve on my services to survive the market.
  • V L said on April 13, 2014
    Are you able to send me more info on starting up a rubbish truck business along with pro's and cons please? Regards.
  • Sam Ghosh said on July 15, 2014
    I would like to start Garbage Collection Business for myself. Could you please guide me.
  • james smith said on August 17, 2014
    thank you for your information it was worth it, looking forward talking to you. regards
  • hossana ally said on October 24, 2014
    hi ,thanks for the hints on how to start a garbage collection business ,up to this point in time neither a truck nor spade is owned by me for this business ,only i have ,is the idea ,however the knowledge i got from your brief explanation on how to start this business sparks my senses on start working on this idea ,kindly see the below summary on how i will strike the process of establishing garbage collection business in my area here at Kigamboni in Tanzania.
    1.registration of the business name and the company as well
    2.haring the car.
    3.baying some bins/recycling pockets and i will find a company that hires or borrow bins. to e dumping management to see if there are any fees and/or regulations.
  • Fredrick jones said on May 28, 2015
    I currently own a business and am wanting to expand in to waste management. Any additional info would be great! Seattle , Wa
  • mohamed kallon said on April 6, 2017
    Am kallon in freetuwn sierra leone we have companies that have failed. i want to start garbage pick up, can you guide on how to write my business plan?


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