How to Start a Drain Cleaning Business

There are many common denominators that a household and commercial building share. And one of this is the presence of drain. In this regards, drain cleaning business can thrive to financial success because of the high number of potential clients.

If you are interested, read and learn how you can start your own drain cleaning business.

If one would think of any common denominator for all residential and commercial offices around, drain is one of them. There seems to be no home or office building that has no kitchen drain, laundry drain, sewer lines, bath sinks, catch basins, roof drains, floor drains and pool drains. Anywhere in the house or the office area, there are many drains that need cleaning from time to time. In this regards, there seems to be no zero-work for those who are in the drain cleaning business. And for those who have the knack for looking for any entrepreneurial ventures that can easily make money in no time, drain cleaning business is one potential opportunity that meets the criteria.

For those who are going to be involved in drain cleaning services, experts give four major tasks so that this venture can start as soon as possible.

Here are the tasks for those who want to start a drain cleaning business:

Training for Drain Cleaning Business

This is the first task for launching a successful drain cleaning business. The proprietor should first invest on training and educating himself on the procedures of drain cleaning. This can come through the thorough reading of manuals of any drain cleaning equipment that he has bought for his business. He may also talk to other drain cleaning professionals to get some helpful tips and hints.

Licensing for Drain Cleaning Business

Since this venture is a business venture, the need for a license from your city state or town is necessary. Check out your local municipal office for whatever licensing that you will need to run your business. You may also need to get an EIN or employer identification number if needed.


The need for marketing and advertising your business is part of your proper operation in running your drain cleaning business. Some miss the point that you still and ought to need to advertise your services on a regular basis so that when a potential client needs you, you can be contacted easily. The proprietor can also use the usual marketing strategy of advertising his drain cleaning services by leaving leaflets and brochures in areas where people converge, like groceries and malls.

Records for Drain Cleaning Business

Keeping records must be part of the operation of your drain cleaning business. Through this you can track down developments in your business.


  • Dominic said on December 1, 2013
    I am trying to find out where I could get training for a drain cleaning business so far I have not had any luck finding any schools or programs for this can you help me
  • Dominic said on December 1, 2013
    I had just inquired about a dream cleaning business school or program or training I forgot to give you my location I live in Marshfield, MA 02050
  • Paul Edwards said on June 8, 2015
    Buy the equipment , read the manuals , and watch you tube videos on cable machines and jetting ; all of them . then watch them all again three times . Then read the sewer and drain cleaners handbook . Baltimore , Maryland
  • adrian green said on April 5, 2019
    I have been jetting and unblocking drains and sewerage pipes for 15 years and I am trying to start my own business so any info would be great thanks.


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