Starting a Logging Business

If you want to start a logging business, you should learn the trade. Get the needed education and experience. You can gain experience at local lumberyards or sawmills.

Find a great location for the business and lease it out. Purchase the needed equipment, supplies, and secure licenses or permits. Start with the promotions.

You can find a lot of money in the logging industry. It is important that you know a great deal about forest management before you enter the logging business. You will be providing the market with timber and it pays to do things legally. Perhaps you’ve already heard about illegal logging and other activities. You have to strive hard to run a legit business and one that is credible. Make sure that you gather information about ‘silviculture’. You should get adequate education on forestry management, combined with experience in the industry.

How to Start a Logging Business?

You take up formal education to learn the latest techniques and the various equipments needed in logging – cutting, harvesting, and the transport. Heavy machinery is usually used by big companies. You can be at an advantage if you have a background in lumberyards and sawmills. Start with your market research. In your plan, you have to make financial projections. The trend today is identifying the alternative uses of wood. Aside from knowing the latest trend, you should be familiar with the safety regulations and the industry standards. The federal and state government can regulate the business. It is vital that you comply accordingly. There are licenses and permits that you must obtain to operate the business legally.

You will always benefit from a detailed business plan. This can only be written when you have conducted a thorough market research. You have to emphasize the capital requirements and if funding is needed. In most cases, a well though-out plan can be used to secure loans. You can check with the Small Business Administration to find out the requirements in applying for loans. Setting up the business can be challenging but with the plan, you will know what to do. You have to find a location for the facility. Leasing is a good option to cut down the expenses.

Purchase the needed supplies and equipment. This will depend on the focus of the business. You should also join organizations like the American Forest and Paper Association. This will allow you to monitor the trends and latest information about the industry. When you have leased out an office space and secured the licenses, you can now proceed with the hiring of employees. Make sure that you follow a certain standard to hire only competent and efficient employees. Start with the promotions and decide on the right advertising methods to use. Create a business card since it will come in handy when you meet potential clients.


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