How to Start a Doula Business

Throughout the ages, there are many women who stand besides the stages of pregnancy of women. They are there to assist and bring courage to these mothers-to-be.

They are called doula. If you have a natural interest and compassion for the mother and the new born child, why not make it a profession. You can start by reading this guideline.

Throughout the ages, there are many women who are fond of helping mothers and families get through the process of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum services. They are called doula. These people usually are non-professional people who assist mother and families on all of the stages of pregnancy. They may stand beside the pregnant woman from the start of conceiving a child, to the labor process up to post partum period where they assist in caring for the mother and at the same time take care of some issues regarding breastfeeding of the new born child.

For some who have the natural gift of compassion for mothers and child, becoming a doula is easy. This professional endeavor takes a lot of effort and attention from the part of the doula and compassion for the mother and child is seen as the first requirement to be successful in this field. Nevertheless, there are still some guidelines to be followed so that any entrepreneurial person who wants to be a doula can be successful in this venture.

Below are some guidelines for all doula-would be professionals who want to start this business:

The Market for Doula Business

The usual clients for this kind of business are new parents would-be. In this regards, it is advised that a doula should advertise her services by giving free parenting talks in pre-natal classes. Here she can pass some brochures that describe her services. She can specify whether she is there to assist the mother during the length of her pregnancy up to her labor in giving birth to the child. She can also make it clear whether she only specializes in giving assistance post partum to the mother and the child.

A good way to advertise a doula service is by leaving brochures in maternity clinics, hospitals, obstetrician and pediatrics offices. The doula can also target grandparents since these people can give a doula service to their relatives as a form of gift.

Equipment for Doula Business

Since a doula service will take the professional to any area of her community, the need for a good transportation is necessary. It may be good if she has a car or a van to make as her service.

Accreditation and Certification

Though accreditation and certification is not necessary in this kind of field, there are organizations that give these specific recognitions. This may help in the informing client in the professionalism of the doula.


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