Affordable Franchise Opportunities

There a lot of things that we consider when starting up a business, particularly a franchise business.

We consider the time we will be spending in putting up a business, how much income it will give to us, and most especially, the amount needed to start up and open this business.

There are many business franchise opportunity available to choose from. Some choose to open up a more popular business franchise because it already has a establish name in the industry and they don’t need to focus on the marketing that much. But for most entrepreneurs, they prefer to open up an affordable business franchise because it is much easier to open up and they don’t need to have much money just to have a business. For them, it is much economic, and, rather than spending too much money on the franchising cost, they prefer to invest their money on the development of the business.

One of the business franchise business that is considered to be affordable and widely chosen by most entrepreneur is the Home based franchise business. And, it is not just affordable; it also allows its owner to have a hold over their time spending on their business, be their own boss, and has more time to spend to their selves, their family, and the other things that they need to do.

There are many affordable business franchises available for the prospective entrepreneur to choose from. Some of it includes home remodelling and modification business, home improvement business, direct marketing and sales business, automobile parts and tools, pet grooming business, and many other more.

Home remodelling and modification business franchise is a kind of business that helps home owner and property holder in the beatification of their home. On the other hand, this kind of business requires its franchisee to have a knowledge or experience in home engineering. You must also have a well experienced employee that will handle all the work for you because the sales and marketing and operational management area is your task in this business. The same goes to home improvement business franchise. The only difference is that it does not require much experience and employees and it has a much lower franchisee fee compare to home remodelling and modification business.

If you have a pet or an animal enthusiast, then you can franchise a pet grooming business. This kind of business franchise has minimal experience requirements. You can easily start this kind of business if you have an extra space in your home. All you need to have is a passion to animals and knowledge in caring, grooming, and training them.

You can also go into marketing and sales business if you love to sell products and effective in doing it. This too can be easily done by putting up your own office at your home. And if you have passion to cars and its part, then automobile parts and tools business is the right one for you.


  • Dinesh said on November 17, 2011
    Can you suggest franchise business within 2lac~5lac investment. I am livening in ghaziabad ,UP , India. Regards, D.K.Mathur, M-9810316459
  • arushika srivastava said on May 21, 2013
    can you suggest the franchise business between 1~1.5 lacs in akbarpur ambedkarnagar, u.p, india. regards arushika srivastava
  • Bill Tombe said on August 21, 2013
    I'm Bill Tombe from Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea. I am interested franchising. What could you suggest for me?
  • Ajay said on September 9, 2013
    I have place available for rent in Saharanpur(U.P.). Is there anyone who would like to take the place on rent.
  • jayesh said on October 23, 2013
    Tell me to get 2 wheeler franchise
  • N SINGH said on July 19, 2015
    I am interested to start a franchisee business in Lucknow with good growth opportunities & Good ROI. My Budget is 2-3 lakh rupees. iF i get response on mail then i shall go Ahead
  • sudhir joy said on February 4, 2017
    i am interested in automobile spare part. i am staying in trivandrum. please suggest


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