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TGI Friday’s is a franchise company which belongs to the family restaurants category. TGI Fridays basically stands for “Thank God it’s Friday”. TGI Fridays is known for its very hospitable service making it an ideal place for the whole family to dine.

If you are planning to purchase or open your very own TGI Friday’s franchise, here are some of the things which will help you to start your own business.

If you are planning to open up your very own TGI Friday’s franchise, it is very much important for you to research about the history and background of the franchise company itself so that you may be able to determine the type of people who run the business itself because whether you like it or not, you will be dealing with these people for the rest of your business venture with TGI Friday’s franchise company.

You can use the internet to search for the information regarding the franchise company itself. You can also check for testimonials from existing franchise owners so that you may be able to have an idea on how you will manage your very own franchise business. Alternatively, you can talk to existing or former franchise owners personally. They may be more than happy to share with you their experience in running their own business. If you want, you can also ask for tips on how to efficiently handle certain situations.

For you to become a franchisee of TGI Friday’s, you should have the capital to start your business. There may also be a requirement of minimum net worth and liquid capital for you to be able to qualify as a franchisee. You can contact the franchise company itself for specific details. The start-up cost of a single franchise of TGI Fridays ranges from $3,000,000 up to $6,000,000. As you can see, starting a TGI Friday’s business requires you to have a huge amount of capital. It would help if you will form a corporation since you may find it hard to start the business as a single proprietor. But the advantage of this business is that the return would also be high and you will easily earn back your capital in few years of operating the franchise.

If you are planning to start your own TGI Fridays franchise, make sure that you already have experience in managing in the food service industry since TGI Fridays franchise required their franchisees to have an experience in Food Hospitality industry. You should also have a net worth of not less than $3,000,000 and a minimum of $1,000,000 liquid cash to spend on your investments. It is also a minimum requirement to franchise 3 units for at least 3 years and the franchise fee for each unit is at $100,000. There is also a royalty fee of 4% of the total sales monthly and this goes to the franchise company. Lastly, there is a marketing fee of $500 per month for every unit.

Another option for you to have the required capital is to borrow money from different financial firms. There are lending firms which specifically help entrepreneurs in financing their businesses. If you failed to pay the money that you have borrowed in due time, you might lose your collateral such as your house and or other realty properties. Study carefully on how much you will need to start your own franchise business so that you will have an idea on the amount that you have to borrow from banks or lending firms.

If you are still having problems or hesitations on whether you really want to start a TGI Friday’s franchise or not, you can seek the help of a franchise consultant. He or she may be able to provide you some insights which may help you come up with the best decision. Or better you, call TGI Friday’s directly so that they may be able to provide you with the information that you need to know.


  • virat agarwal said on January 12, 2011
    Jaipur, Rajasthan, India...i am interested in opening up TGI Friday franchisee please help me with the initial information.
  • seema singh said on February 3, 2011
    hi seema from chennai (india) ....i am interested in opening TGI Friday please update me with the initial information
  • ahmed said on July 7, 2012
    Hello! I am really interested in opening Massimo dutti in my country Iraq , kurdistan city. I would like to know more information about all requirements. Best Regards. waiting for your response!
  • samarendra moitra said on July 12, 2012
    I am interested in TGI franchise business. Pls. mail me in details. Rgs, Samar
  • Harendra singh said on August 6, 2012
    Hello sir & madam. I am interested in oping up t.g.i friday's franchisee in Dehradun uttarakhan india so plz help me with the initial information, thanks
  • Mahendra Soni said on September 2, 2012
    We are interested to open TGIF franchise in Kolkata( India).. We are the owners of Venkatesh Films. We are the leading producers of regional film and have received national awards for movies like Chokherbali, Raincoat, Memories in March.
  • RP Singh said on September 20, 2012
    Hi, I want to open TGI in Pune,Mumbai or in Raipur (India) plz provide initial information how to get franchise...
  • Vinod said on October 21, 2012
    Hello, I require information on opening an outlet in hyderabad, please help me through.
  • Anand Kulkarni said on January 17, 2013
    Hello i would like to open a T.G.I.F Franchise in Vashi,Navi Mumbai,Maharashtra
  • ASHISH SOLANKI said on April 14, 2013
  • Samarth Mehrotra said on June 26, 2013
    please forward me the details and other informations for taking the franchise of TGIF for Lucknow, uttar pradesh, india. Hope to see your reply soon. Regards.
  • Kushagra Sud said on June 29, 2013
    Hi . I am very much interested in opening TGI Friday in my city . please me know how do we get the franchise . please mail asap .
  • gunjan ahalani said on January 23, 2014
    i belong to kolkata. i am very much interested in opening the franchise of tgif need proper information with all details that how to go for it. please mail me all the details.
  • Sanjay said on May 18, 2014
    I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am really interested to open a franchise in our city. DETAILS REQUIRED
  • Tanveer Singh said on January 23, 2015
    Location Delhi/NCR, Exp: Already running International Food chain's business. Interested in opening TGIF, please let me know how to proceed for the same. Thanks
  • Rishiraj said on March 16, 2015
    Hi, Please advise the franchise option for jaipur/investment & Requirement for the same...
  • Lisa Wilson said on April 6, 2015
    Hello! Is there anyway possible you can send me an application for franchising with TGI Fridays? I will greatly appreciate it very much. Can you send it to my email, or to my P.O. Box 37241, Oak Park, MI. 48237. Attention: Lisa Wilson. Thank you so much.
  • Lokesh said on July 19, 2015
    Would like contact of TGIF main franchisee for india, to open an outlet in New andhra pradesh
  • Aldrin Ahmed said on March 25, 2017
    I want to open TGIF in Guwahati, Assam.. Please let me know the details.
  • Sirisha Pesala said on September 26, 2020
    I am looking for TGIF Franchise in Hyderabad. Please help me with the required information. Kindly do the needful with all the required details. You can reach me on +91 8099324301. Awaiting for reply at the earliest


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