Laser Tag Franchise Opportunity

The Laser Tag uses RFID technology in the software and hardware of each gaming utility.

The franchise is ideal for gamers and is a fun and exciting way to achieve financial independence.

The Lasertag is a type of game that uses jackets or vests that have targeted areas around the chest, back and shoulders. These areas are operated through the computer and receive signals from the target sensors which identifies a “tag” from an opponent.

This type of franchising business is ideal for those that are interested in the gaming industry as it is a modern way to experience gameplay. Whole body interaction with the gaming console provides fun interactivity and multiplayer entertainment.

If you are interested in investing in a LaserTag franchise then you must have at least the drive and initiative to achieve and make the business successful. To become a franchisee has no fixed pre requisites though knowledge in the use of the LaserTag is an advantage, as well as general business knowledge and experience and marketing experience. To qualify for application it is important to have a liquid capital of $150,000. IF you are interested in the franchise then contact the franchisor directly to discuss the franchise agreement. There are no financing assistance available yet they are open to accept third party financial assistance. Once you have applied and submitted all the necessary requirements, you will be called in for training at the home base. It is important to have well developed people skills and would help if you enjoy working with young children and their parents as the business deals a lot with this type of target audience. It is also important to have high personal standards of excellence, integrity and honesty. The facility may also be taken out to numerous occasions such as special outings, team buildings, birthday parties and other public events.

At training you will be acquainted with the LaserTag Gaming technology as well as the basics on how to own, manage and operate the business. Training includes operations, marketing, sales, operations and administration of your LaserTag franchise. You will also be open to discuss the specifics on the location for your establishment and the details of the facilities. Once your location has been set up the franchising support team will provide you and your staff with the essential on site and field training on your establishment. They will also be available to aid you with the opening for as long as you need them.

The LaserTag caters to customers and gamers of all ages and is a fun and innovative way to go about the gaming experience. Plus, the ownership and management of the franchise is a fulfilling business as it is fun to manage and highly profitable. Who doesn’t enjoy a good video game nowadays? Plus the advantage of the trade name having an existing clientele and reputation will guarantee immediate profits.


  • Awobamise Ayodeji said on January 27, 2011
    I like the idea of laser tag and i have been interested in it for a while. I however want to find out if the 150,000 USD includes cost of setting up everything. I live in NIgeria and would want to know if you are interested in setting up this kind of system in Nigeria.
  • daniel thamarus said on October 7, 2013
    Oswego new York 13126 united states. I live in the center of a county
  • Anshul JAin said on October 3, 2015
    i am looking forward for lazer tag franchise in Bijapur(Karnataka). Kindly revert back for the same.


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