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Gametruck is considered the World’s First Mobile Video Game theatre and is a fun and exciting franchise option for interested entrepreneurs.

Gametruck was first founded in 2006 by Scott Novis in Tempe, Arizona as a simple birthday party experiment which soon ended up as a regular weekend business.

Come 2009 Gametruck had expanded throughout the United States and is a growing franchise chain leading all the top markets in the gaming industry.

The Gametruck Franchise under the Phoenix operation is continually discovering new ways in which to improve on the existing business system by involving new platforms and innovations from the modern gaming industry. The company aims to bring gamers together in the multiplayer environment that the Gametruck provides its customers. The Gametruck brings high quality gaming and entertainment at reasonable prices.

With Gametruck you will get the chance to be in control of your own business. The franchise offers you a patent-pending mobile theatre along with exclusive territories. You will be able to run your business yourself and manage it from a distance as well and that is why franchisees love their work. The video gaming industry is both fun and exciting with commercial potential and high profits.

To apply for a Gametruck franchise you will need a total investment of $115,250 to $320,500. The initial franchise fee is at $19,500 to $89,500 with an ongoing royalty fee of 7%. In house financing for the franchise fee is available while financing for the startup costs and equipment are offered by Gametruck’s third party partners. Qualifications also include a net worth requirement of $150,000 and a cash liquidity requirement of $50,000. Currently in operations the franchise may be run from home and absentee ownership of the franchise is not allowed.

Once you submit your application and meet with the initial requirements you will be called in to discuss the franchise agreement, after which you will need to supply the initial franchising fee outright. The applicant will then be called in for training which is available at the headquarters and will last around 5 to 7 days. Assistance at the franchisee’s location is also available at the request of the franchisee. Ongoing support will be supplied through assistance at the grand opening of the establishment, internet assistance, purchasing cooperatives and field operations and evaluations. Marketing support is available through ad slicks.

With Gametruck you are assured easy operation of the business as everything in the vehicle is simple to operate with a user friendly design. You do not have to wait for customers to come to you. With the mobile entertainment vehicle you can go to your customers! Plus the company already has an existing clientele and a well-known reputation throughout the country. You may also apply for easy expansion opportunities and will be offered the necessary professional collateral materials you will require.


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