How to Invest In a Franchise

Investing in a franchise lowers the risk of not achieving success or popularity in a business as it is based on a proven business model that has already established name and recognition.

When entrepreneurs are interested in investing in a franchise they are aware that with a franchise, it will be easier to gain a target audience and manage the franchise in totality.

This is because franchises offer in their investment packages, training, the necessary tools and equipment and other factors that a normal business owner would have to come up with from scratch if he or she did not consider a franchise. With the competitive market always on the lookout it is not easy to have a business that is new and fresh as it will still need to build it name, credibility and attract its target audience. This of course takes time and effort and mostly consumes the early stages of operation and could take days, weeks, months or even years to develop. Unlike with a franchise all these factors have already been taken care of and more often than not customers will already know about the brand name of the franchise you plan on investing in.

There are several factors to consider when you are interested in investing in a franchise, first is its cost. The Initial franchise fee and other expenses vary per franchise option. Also these may incur several aspects including rent, construction and furnishing of your business. Again these factors depend on the franchise as other franchise may not have these inclusive in their franchise fee. Also, franchises come with a royalty fee, the fee that is paid to continue use of the franchise, its company name and its corresponding brands that fall under it. Advertising fees are another cost that may also be either inclusive or exclusive of the franchise fees.

The second factor you must consider is if you agree upon the control that the franchise will set upon you as a franchise owner. Since franchises are based on a proven and strict business model the franchise will have to follow certain rules and regulations set by its original owners, be it in terms of construction, customer service or their products. Again this will depend on the franchise and how strict it is with its policies.

After considering the two previous factors it is time to take a look at your goals. If you consider the franchise and sign up with their contract you will be legally bound to the company and everything it has states in its franchise deal. Therefore it is always best to review the franchise and decide if their plans are also part of your goals. Decide yourself if you can meet to the demands and battle competition with the franchise. You will have to weigh your overall ability to operate the business especially one that is already established as the name recognition alone will already cut the plateau of customer scarcity and have people flocking to your business as early as the first day of operation. Again this will depend on what franchise you consider yet still all franchise have already established some form of customer base and therefore you must weigh in if you can meet with these initial needs.


  • Ichbir singh said on August 8, 2011
    I am fr jammu. pls mail requirements fr the franchise.
  • Rahul Jain said on August 2, 2012
    I from SHAHADA, Dist-Nandurbar, Maharashtra. Want to open an Archies Gallery so please mail me the requirements and the terms & conditions format of it.
  • wajhi khan said on August 13, 2012
    hi am from Hyderabad and I want to open Archie's gallery, I want detail and the investment cost. As soon as possible.
  • Mukesh said on August 23, 2012
    I am Mukesh from Kopargaon Dist.Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, I want to open an Archies Gallery in the main market of my place. So please mail me the requirements and the terms and conditions and investment details as soon as possible.
  • ARUN K JOHN said on November 26, 2012
  • thakkar nirav v said on December 27, 2012
    i have to start a archiese gallary shop i'm patan (gujarat) so pls give the detail about franchise process
  • Karishma said on April 17, 2013
    hey. can u plz mail me the requirements, terms and conditions and documents for getting the franchise of archies gallary as soon as possible...
  • Hari Bhawar said on April 24, 2013
    I am interested in investing in a franchise. My location is - Spine Road,Sector No.10, Moshi Pradhikaran,Bhosari,Pune. Maharashtra India. Please Mail me all details and Contact number.
  • romeo azarcon said on April 30, 2013
    i am interested in investing in a franchise, pls. mail me the requirements, terms and condition documents for getting the franchise as soon as possible. my location is santiago subd.imus city,cavite
  • Virginia E.Inting said on July 22, 2013
    I am interested in investing this Zagu franchise, and what are the requirements terms and conditions? and is there a possibility that as investor ,can also be a crew at the same time or can two persons can handle this Zagu business hands on, or actual? My address is Camolinas Cordova Cebu. can u me the necessary contact numbers, about this Zagu franchise. thanks a lot
  • deepshika said on July 23, 2013
    i am interested in archies franchise and i stay at kaggadaspura,bangalore we do not have any card store near by and we need to go very far to buy the cards and please help me to put up a store at our place, it will be very helpful. thank you
  • Rohit yadav said on August 21, 2013
    i am from bhiwadi rajesthan . i want to know all details of franchise so please give all detail . and my contact no 9694390002. thanks
  • alicia larita said on October 31, 2013
    i am Alicia Manfre FROM Philippines: i am living now in france nice city. i am interested to invest zagu franchise. what are some of the requirements in franchising zagu? could it be possible here in Nice City France? Please email me all the requirements and please contact in my number 0619503540.Tanks so much god bless .
  • Umkar said on December 9, 2013
    Please send me requirements details related to open franchise at Nagpur
  • sandeep singh said on January 14, 2014
    hello sir sandeep here from tanda urmar distt hoshiarpur from Punjab.sir I open the archies gallery sir please procedure of this .thank u sir
  • Indrani Banerjee said on February 8, 2014
    I am from Behala Kolkata. I have a shop and I am interested in taking franchise of Archies gallery. Please let me know the required procedure for the same as early as possible.
  • cel said on February 25, 2014
    hi, i am interested in investing in a franchise, can u send me all the requirements, terms and condition? pls. mail me as soon as possible , thanks a lot
  • Mayur Badhe said on April 7, 2014
    I want to open a franchisee of your brand in Pune, Kondhwa-India plzz tell me the investing details plzzz
  • dipti said on August 6, 2014
    Hi I am Dipti frm Beed (Ms). I want to open archies franchise for my city. So plzzz mail me requirements, terms and condition, and investment details.. plzzz
  • nora castillo said on August 15, 2014
    Hi i'm nora castillo, i am interested in investing zagu franchise? what are the requirements terms and conditions? Pls mail me as soon as possible..thanks
  • Marissa lucas said on March 30, 2015
    I am interested on putting a zagu franchise in our town..what are the requirements and conditions?
  • Nilesh Mahindre said on April 7, 2015
    interested to open archies galary in Nanded city Pune . please send details of formalities and basic requirement for opening the business.


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