Steps to Franchising a Business

Franchising your business is one of the best ways to bring your already established business into greater success.

Business owners of successful companies opt for franchising their businesses simply because they know that entrepreneurs nowadays opt for a business solution that is both easy and has a higher success rate.

Franchises are that sort of business. They allow the franchise owner to experience a sense of financial freedom while utilizing a proven successful business model and management system that has already been established and therefore has a higher possibility of garnering better results.

Initially in order to franchise any business one must take a look at the company and weigh whether or not the product or services the company offers is enough to be considered franchise worthy. Successful franchises are those that are of well established businesses that already have their own clientele and customer audience that will make it easier for franchise owners to garner their own target audience. Focus on the system; in this case you may want to discuss the guidelines you wish to set with legal counsel in order to make sure you get all the essential aspects of the franchise down. Be able to draft out the terms and conditions that encompass the franchise. With the establishment of the franchise agreement is the analysis of the business model. You must be able to integrate the business model to the franchise owners of the business and with that you need to set up an intense training method that will educate the franchise owners of your business.

This is where you start the formulation of the support service. Depending on the size and popularity of your company you need to expect that there will be several franchise owners that you will need to train and with that consider that this training is not limited to pre support but also on-going support that goes well beyond the establishment of the business franchise unit.

Another important aspect to remember is the financials of the franchise. As franchiser you will be gathering a monthly amount from each of your franchise owners and with that you will need to set out certain standards of payment and fixed amounts. These are best discussed with an accountant in order to get the ideal prices for each factor you plan on charging your franchise owners. With this comes the decision of whether or not you want your company to offer financial support to those interested in the franchise. Some franchises offer this kind of support while others do not so be able to weigh accordingly.

Once you have settled the necessary paperworks for the franchise and the franchise agreement it is time to call in that legal counsel again and sort out the legal documents to make everything official. Contact the local government and get the requirements necessary to franchise your business and submit all the necessary items.


  • Dhiraj Satywan Panchal said on May 27, 2014
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  • kinjal mehta said on June 13, 2016
    hi, m kinjal mehta i live in mumbai, i have a place which is 2300sq ft carpet area and has a basement too of 1300 sq ft carpet area i would like to take a franchise of some departmental store. please help me how to proceed about it. my email is


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