Owning an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise

Are you a person with solid business experience who's looking for one credible business that's financially rewarding and professionally stimulating? Own an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise and you will find that it's the best proposition you'll ever see.

Look closely at our information so that you can determine if this is the best franchise for you.

Since 1992, Expense Reduction Analysts has helped thousands of companies and organizations (whatever type and size) find a lot of savings hidden in their overhead. These are non-core expenses such as small-package freight, insurance, office supplies, etc. No matter how much these companies save on these things, Expense Reduction Analysts can still find meaningful savings over and above the savings that they’ve found.

This is possible because the consultants know where to look. They understand the minutiae and intricacies of overhead cost categories. The reason for this is that they spent years working as very high-level executives in the same industries as their clients. In most businesses, their very own in-house procurement people are in charge of managing core costs. As such, they have no time (or no insight) to look for non-core costs.

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Business Plan

Let’s say for instance that the overhead expenses of a client’s company are 15% of the $50 million revenue. So this means that they’re spending $7.5 million just on overhead. Surely, they would be truly happy if an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise would effortlessly decrease their expenditure by 10% and let them save $750,000. The clients would even be happier if the consultants can save them 20% of the costs, which means that their company would keep $1.5 million.

With thousands of cost-saving projects and hundreds of skilled experts under their belt, an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise will confidently give a guarantee that if the consultants would not be able to find any savings, then the clients may not pay them any fee. So as a franchise owner, the more savings you give to a client, the higher will be your fee!

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Business License

Here are some advantages of owning an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise:

  • This business has low overhead, high margin, and recession-proof.
  • You can be an independent business owner and work from home.
  • There’s no large inventory, lease improvement, or long-term leases.
  • The proposition of “no savings, no fee” is truly attractive for any company – whether profit or non-profit, private or public, and small or huge.
  • Expense Reduction Analysts provides proven support, networking opportunities, and continuous follow-up, training, and proprietary systems.

The initial investment of putting up an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise is from $65,100 to $81,300. Contact one of their consultant’s offices to know more about the business license.


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