Starting Your Own Slumberland Franchise

Learn the requirements and advantages of starting a Slumberland franchise by reading this article and then applying all the practical tips that you can pick.

For most buyers who are looking for branded home furnishings, there are really a few trusted sources than Slumberland.

 This is because Slumberland makes it a point to sell high quality mattresses, reclining chairs, sofas, daybeds, chairs and other similar furniture. They are even offering many different brands, designs and styles so their selections are always worth checking out. In addition to that, they are always making it a point that they are putting a lot of effort and focus on marketing what they have. Because of all these reasons, it’s a safe prediction that Slumberland will continue to rise and grow in the years and years to come.

Keeping that in mind, it is definitely a good idea to start a Slumberland franchise too. Aside from the quality products that they are selling, they have been around since 1967 and have been well known as a mattress specialty shop. As time passes, they have also been expanding their product line and they have also established other branches throughout the country.

With regards to the actual sizes of the stores, it is estimated that the places are about 12,000 to 45,000 square feet. What’s more amazing here is that Slumberland makes it their priority to also decorate their stores on a professional way and they do that by checking the color and design. At the same time, location is always a key factor for the company that’s why they ensure that the store will be very visible and will easily reach their target market much faster.

With all these developments and advantages that Slumberland has been having, they have also been getting a lot of franchise inquiries and they are offering that opportunity now. these days, any entrepreneur who is interested to starting a Slumberland franchise can do that by getting in touch with company representatives.

As of the moment, they already have at least 109 stores scattered in 10 states and the number continues to grow as more and more are showing interest about getting their own franchise units.

When starting as a Slumberland franchisee, there are several requirements for you to fulfill. To begin with, your net worth should at least be $300,000 and cash liquidity should be $100,000. It would also help if you already have some business experience in the past. While it is not an actual requirement, marketing skills are also for your advantage if you have it. As you will notice later on in the business, it is essential to have a wider understanding in terms of retail business and the importance of having a reliable customer support system.

As for the amount you will need for the actual franchise, the total investment would be about $449,000 to $2,075,000 and you will also need to pay a franchise fee of $30,000 to $50,000. Now the term of agreement would be for 10 years but that can also be renewed.


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