WIN Home Inspection Franchise Info

WIN Home Inspection started franchising their business in 1994 to qualified applicants that have the drive to work for financial progress.

WIN Home Inspection is a well known company since 1993 that specializes in providing real estate buyers and owners with the specifications of the property they are planning to acquire.

WIN Home Inspection’s Background

WIN Home conducts inspections of houses and land assets whether it is a good choice to buy or sell them at a certain price and market. With the continuous growth of real estate businesses, WIN Home Inspection progresses as well because many would be requiring their services. In line with their remarkable growth in 1994, they decided to open up for qualified franchisees nationwide.

Why WIN Home Inspection?

If you are searching for a profitable business venture with not much strenuous work to do, WIN Home Inspection may be the right one for you. Your investment in this kind of business will be multiplying together with the satisfaction you can provide for your clients. WIN Home promises to give you enough training and plausible business opportunities through different marketing styles.

Getting Started

Here is the WIN Home Inspection franchise information to assist you in your decision-making once you have placed your favor on the company.

Opening your own WIN Home Inspection franchise would require you to have a total investment of at least $31,000 to $51,050. Once you have agreed on the company’s terms and conditions, you will be asked to pay their franchising fee of $16,900 to $26,900. WIN Home Inspection will automatically get the 7% of your sales as their on-going royalty fee. The term of agreement will be valid for 10 years and can be renewed on your own choice.

WIN Home Inspection is in search of franchisees that have a net worth amounting to $40,000. A qualified franchisee must have a cash liquidity of $25,000. You must have a general business operating experience. You would definitely succeed if you have excellent marketing skills to aid in your business promotions. A WIN Home Inspection franchisee must also be adept in the use of Windows-based software. You must also be good in customer relating skills in selling your services. Experience in home inspection is not required but familiarity in construction and remodeling is an advantage.

Your training will be done in the WIN Home Inspection headquarters for 2 weeks straight. A pre-training course is available for you online which may be completed within 40 hours. Then, you must complete the training in a facility specified by the company within 2 weeks.

You will receive support from the WIN Home Inspection company through newsletters, meetings, conventions, business exhibits, internet, phone calls, grand opening, on the job visitations, safety and security procedures, and purchasing cooperatives. Do not worry much about advertising because WIN will also handle most of it for you. They will be promoting your business advertising using different forms of communication technology and mass media.
You may choose to run your franchise unit at your home. Also, you may be allowed to own more than one franchise unit depending on your financial capacity. As a matter of fact, WIN Home Inspection has learned that 10% of their franchisees have more than one franchising unit. Absentee ownership is something to be considered by the company.

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  • Bontsibokae Motlakapula said on February 2, 2017
    I am Bontsibokae Motlakapula from Botswana, Town name is Maun. I have a legal registered company name here in Botswana. Since registered the company name in 2016. I haven't started its operations. The reasons be that i don't have financial support. My dream is to own a brick constructing company. Though i don't have project site as well as the equipment's. I have acquired site where i can rent. I also have business plan with me. With this respect i am here to ask, is there how you can support my dream.


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