How to Start Your Liberty Tax Service Franchise

In franchising business, one can be financially successful if he chooses the business that will always be popular among consumers - and one of this is Liberty Tax Service.

Meanwhile, here are some helpful tips to start this franchising business.

Liberty Tax Service is a franchise business which specializes in the preparation of tax returns for companies and individual. With over 3,200 offices in Canada and US, this is the world’s fastest-growing international tax preparation firm. With this trend, having a franchise with this corporation can provide tremendous financial success for entrepreneurs.

According to Liberty Tax Service’s website, its franchise fee is relatively more affordable compared to other businesses. With less than $69,900, entrepreneurs can already start their business and have comprehensive training, according to the corporation. This amount also includes rent, insurance, payroll, initial advertising cost, equipment and furniture, miscellaneous fees, and initial franchise fee ($40,000).

The tax firm said there are four steps interested franchisees should do before they start their business, and these are:

  • Entrepreneurs are required to submit franchise information form via online. (This form can be seen in the company’s website.)
  • The company will review the franchising applicants’ background including their personal records, assets, etc. In this process, interested franchisees will also learn about Liberty Tax Service, its operation, history, and business opportunities.
  • The third step requires applicants to submit the “Request for Consideration” form which can be seen on the company’s website.
  • The last step is called approval process. The company will provide the contract to the applicants and they will be given 14 days to review this to make sure they can follow the agreements. After this period, they will have to submit “Confidential Franchise Application” form, franchise fee, and chosen location for the business. In this last process, the company will also require franchisees to complete the five-day training course to teach them how to handle the business effectively.

For those interested entrepreneurs, they can visit the Liberty Tax Service’s website and fill-up the “Request Franchise Information” form.


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