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Clix is one of the premier businesses offering franchising opportunities with support on the selection of the design, location, technology, methods, and equipment suitable for the franchise.

Clix's expertise and experience is well trusted in the industry and is indeed an advantage for franchisees.

Clix is engaged with digital portrait photography and imaging with studios in different locations as it started to enter the franchising business. What made Clix in demand despite the competition are their unique offers to customers. An example of this is their digital design center where customers can design their own digital photo books.

There are two options in franchising Clix. First is the on location franchise and the second is the studio franchise. On location event booking start up cost ranges from $36,235 to $77,510 while studio start up $218,725 to $381,040.

On the general, franchising Clix requires a total investment of $36,235 to $381,040. The initial franchising fee is $29,500 and there is a 6% royalty fee. The term of agreement is a 15 years renewable contract. Further, the company requires a$40,000 liquid capital. These financial qualifications are important to be met early in the application due to the fact that financial capability is part of the initial examination assessment. However, falling short of the company’s requirement should not be a problem at all since there are many lending institutions, and even banks, that are willing to help start-up businesses.

Be informed that in order to win financial backing from financial institutions the business, the franchise in particular, should have a sound business plan. This will serve as a basis for them to see the business’s capability to pay its responsibility.

To jumpstart the application, fill out a request information form and submit it to Clix via online or through their main office. After having the request form accomplished, it will be under the perusal of the management. On passing the said assessment, comes next is the polishing of the agreement and the closing of the deal.

The benefit of franchising Clix is their proven business system that has been effective since it was established in 1999. Clix believes in preserving their integrity through time and continuously serving their customers with utmost convenience and quality.

Clix provides each franchisee with a rigid training especially that the business needs to be technically knowledgeable and skilled. Aside from the technical skills, the training also includes review on properly carrying out business procedures. This is very important to assure consistency of the franchise’s adherence to company standards.

Another benefit of franchising Clix is that there they have a revenue stream laid out for the franchisees to better improve the marketing efforts of the business. Marketing is an essential factor especially for starting businesses. This is a way of reaching out and getting the attention of prospective customers which is usually strategized through advertising and promotional activities.


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