Tips for Making Employee Photo Id Badges

Employee photo id badges are important to each and every company in the world. It will help you identify your employees no matter how many they are.

Employee photo id badges are one of the most important requirements when entering your working premises.

It is one of the proofs that you are one of the employees there. An employee photo id badge consists of the employee’s full name, latest picture, birth date, age, address, employee number and the employee's position.

Don't you know that learning how to make an employee photo id badge you can earn money? Yes, that is true all you need to do is find a company where you can offer your services and know the ways of making a photo id badge. Of course it requires a capital but don't worry you don't need a fortune to start with your business, a small capital will do. Just make sure you know how to use it wisely to avoid having problems in the future.

Here are easy and simple tips for making an employee photo id badge:

  • First, you need to make a log book or database where you can get the important information such as, the employee's name, picture, title of the job and the department he's in. You also need to get the company's logo. You can also include the validity of the badge. You can also try making different colors for different departments.
  • Next is to look for materials that you will need for your photo id badges. You need to know what style and size to buy. You can choose papers or plastics for the id holders. You also need to buy neck strap. You should take in to consideration the size of the information if it is readable enough. There are a lot of id badges to choose from such as sticky papers, sleeves that are plastic, lanyards an d a whole lot more. Choose what you think is best.
  • To design your photo id badges, you will need software such as, Photoshop, adobe in design, Microsoft pictures and Claris works. You can choose to any of this software that will help you with your badges to look great.
  • The most expensive thing that you will need is printing the badges. Decide on how many badges you want to print. If you don't have printers at home, you can ask some of your friends who will lend their printers to you. It can save you a lot of money rather than going to printing shops to have your badges printed.

After doing these simple and easy tips, look for a company that will need your service regarding id photo badges. Provide a portfolio of your work for them to see if you really can make badges. You can also give them special discounts if they get 50 and more id photo badges


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