Open American Prosperity Group (Apg) Franchise

The American Prosperity Group is a franchise that deals with the Retirement and Real estate planning of its clientele.

It usually associates with the big businesses that require a life insurance contingency plan in case of the death of a particular figure in the company.

The American Prosperity Group or APG offers Retirement and Estate planning opportunities to the public. This franchise targets most big businesses and organizations but may also handle smaller ones. Several big associations turn for the worst if a proper contingency plan has not been created before the demise of certain important figures in the business. This plan will make sure that these problems are completely avoided.

To start up an American Prosperity Group franchise the total investment required is $95,000 to $150,000 with an initial franchise fee of $50,000. There is no royalty fee but there is however advertising fee of 1% of gross revenues annually with a 15 year term of agreement. A minimum of $15,000 is kept in reserve to cover for the advertising and marketing with APG.

Training will take place at the APG Corporate Offices and will be held for 4 weeks; however these weeks may not be consecutive. The program will discuss the aspects of the franchise system and will be discussed in the classroom. The franchisee will receive an APG Training manual, an APG Operations Manual and continued training will commence at your APG franchise office. Scheduled visits to your business throughout the course of your terms will offer your continued guidance and assistance with regards to all aspects. The manual will provide you with the specifics and standards such as the operating procedures and suggestions to guide you with operating the franchise.

Several business owners have taken into consideration that they will at some point, be permanently leaving the business with know one who knows the ropes and ways around the business, to take over from him. This is because the business must still continue regardless of who manages it and if the original owner can do so or not. Company owned life insurance helps the business with financial problems that arise after the demise of a fellow employee, a key partner or even a co owner. This is essential to initialize at least a fund for the buy and sell agreement. At times of loss, businesses tend to stagger down into a static slump that disables production. With this agreement you may be able to purchase some interest from the heirs of the demised, after which continue thriving the business.

There are several factors that affect life insurance; therefore before the implementation of a strategy it would be best to ensure that the client or individual is at least capable of this insurance. There are several expenses involved as well in the purchase and processing of life insurance. Therefore when it comes to this type of business franchise it is essential to first be able to do ample research with regards to the clientele and target audience. It is very important to make sure the franchisee will live up to the customers’ expectations or better yet go beyond the expectations of others in promoting the quality service that the company is well renowned for.


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