Flat Rate Realty Franchise

Nowadays, people want to take more control over there financial status and income, and through Flat Rate Realty Franchise you can also make that dream into a possibility.

The consumer wants to be able to govern over all real estate transactions that take place with their hired broker.

The traditional way is slowly becoming less and less popular and this is because people want an easier way to transact with others through their brokers. Social Networking and Social Engineering creates a high tech and advanced way of communicating within the business. Founded in 2004 the company has been franchising since 2005. The franchise is a publicly-held company with 15 employees and 4 employees in the franchise department. They have been marketing nationwide including outside U.S, Canada and Mexico.

Flat Rate Realty provides only the best quality of service while ensuring that you make an ample amount of profit. Real estate nowadays has only been able to develop slow changes through the course of time. Many of the marketers in the buy and sell industry utilize the internet for their listings, qualifying of mortgages, including their own CMA’s. Everyone has become aware of the increasing value of their estates and this has been the reason why the services provided by real estate have become so expensive. Because of this growing concern people have resorted to handling things themselves when selling their own homes. This resort may not always be the best because of lack of knowledge and experience in the part of the seller. Therefore Flat Rate Realty provides a good source of knowledge and information to the client at a very affordable price. It’s vastly increasing popularity will also make it a good and profitable business.

The franchise for a small investment will cost $2,500 with a monthly fee of $500. This means you have the opportunity of creating your own office business for a lower cost compared to other franchises. The industry is essential for discount brokers and you are given the opportunity to work from either the home or the office. Their proven systems and advanced lead generation ensures an advantage to the franchise owner because the company has already well established the business with credibility and an excellent reputation. The fact that everyone nowadays wants a practical and affordable solution to their real estate concerns also adds to the company’s growing popularity. The total investment needed is roughly $10000 = $25000 and the franchise fee is $2,500 - $20000. They have an ongoing royalty fee of $200 per minutes. The territories are exclusive to a specific area or locale and the size should be within a 5-mile radius. The franchise requires the franchisee to have a broker licensed to your state that can serve as your business partner.

Training is available at the headquarters for 2 days. The Ongoing support includes the 24/7 toll free phone line, help with the grand opening, internet support, security/safety procedures and field operations and evaluations, and other marketing support through television advertisements and state of the art web solutions


  • azhar said on September 10, 2012
    I am interested for your franchise in ahemdabad jamalpur.
  • Billy Reid said on September 24, 2012
    I am interested to own my own franchise for the location in Bridgewater Nova Scotia Canada.


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