About Apricot Lane Franchise

The Apricot Lane franchise offers a unique and successful opportunity to entrepreneurs interested in branded and high quality fashion, or just those that want to pave the way to financial independence.

When in search for stylish, quality and branded clothing and accessories, Apricot Lane is the best place to go.

Whether you are interested in revamping your wardrobe or engaging in a business, all your answers may be found at Apricot Lane. Apricot Lane is considered the only Specialty Retail Franchise that offers branded handbags, gifts, styles, fashion apparels and accessories to customers. Only the best premium brand names and high end products are featured in Apricot Lane.
Apricot Lane supports around 57 current and planned Apricot Lane stores in 26 States with at least 20 stores already planned to open in the spring. Apricot Lane offers Ground Floor Retail Opportunity, 20 Billion Dollar Gift Industry, 12 Billion Dollar Fashion Accessory industry, Pre Negotiated vendor discounts and fashion party sales. The franchise opportunity offers business to business sales, e-commerce opportunities, seasonal expansion opportunities, a low initial investment, and independence within a strong network where owner full-time management is not a requirement. Multiple location opportunities are also made available with support and training from 15 years of retail and franchise experience and proven marketing programs. On site training and support as well as site selection and lease negotiation is also provided.

To open your store you must first schedule a virtual online discovery day. This is where you can learn more about Apricot Lane and all the tools and resources necessary to operate your business. Just call the hotline to schedule your online Discovery Day. After the tour you will be required to submit an application that will be emailed to you after the presentation. Once this has been settled it is time to meet with each other and preview the marketplace. This is where you will begin the site selection. After some home training and corporate training, you will discuss the design and build out and finally merchandising. After all of the aforementioned steps you may now open your business to the public.

The total investment necessary is $131,800 to $307,000, with a franchise fee of $29,500. The ongoing royalty fee is 5.5% with a 10 year renewable term of agreement. As per qualifications you will need a net worth requirement of $250,000 with a cash liquidity requirement of $100,000. In operations, 5% of all franchisees own more than one unit, with a minimum employee count of 5 per franchised unit. Absentee ownership of franchise is allowed and 100% of current franchisees are either owners or operators. Training is available at the headquarters for 1 week, followed by the franchisee’s locations for another week and finally one more week at the home learning program,


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