Advance Realty Franchise Information

The Advance Realty Company was founded in 2001 in Timonium, Maryland and has since set a reputation for having quality services at low and affordable fees.

The Advance Realty aims to continually be recognized not only as a reliable brand in the real estate industry but also one that aims to give people the opportunity to partake in a one of a kind business model.

The company has offices operational in all major cities across the country, having partnerships with the American Red Cross so as to also aid in numerous community events as well as classes, educational seminars and others.

As people crave to achieve their dream home, this dream is not always met without a thorough emptying of the pocket. With this people may not always get what they had initially hoped for so as to save on their on hand cash, or in other cases they spend far too much on a particular housing project and lack terribly on other aspects of the home. This is where the Advance Realty comes in. The Advance Realty offers superior quality to the real estate buyer and seller services as the affordable and fair price. Not only that but Advance Realty offers a real time response in order to alert its customers of the best deals and offers that hit the market.

The secret to the success of Advance Realty is the comprehensive real estate buyer and seller services that are provided at a low and affordable fee of 1.75 percent. It is because of the company’s success that it has decided to open its doors to the franchising world, therefore offering people the unique opportunity to partake in a successful business and has been so since 2005. If you are interested in becoming a franchiser then all you have to do is to contact the Advance Realty, call their hotline number or visit their website. After which you will be given in house and on location training complete with a startup package to guide you into the managing of your business. The support staff also offers aid in site selection as well as set up assistance for your business office. The training involved includes a turnkey business system with agent recruitment and compensation assistance as well as marketing materials and ongoing support.

The Advance Realty franchise may be run from home and there is only a minimum of one employee required per business unit. There is no need for multiple units to be purchased within or outside of the United States and 15% of franchisees own multiple units with absentee ownership allowed. The total investment costs around $60,000 to $129,000 with an initial franchise fee of $17,500. The royalty fee is 5% with a varying liquid capital. Franchisee qualifications include Real estate sales experience, entrepreneurial attitude, management skills, and financing skills.


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