Open a Deck the Walls Store

Deck the Walls store is one of the leading art stores in the United States.

It began its operation in Houston in the year 1979 as Frame It and in 1983 it changed its name into Deck the Walls.

In starting any type of business, it is important that you consider its profitability. Determine first whether you will be able to gain a substantial profit from your investment or not.

If you are planning to open a Deck the Walls store, you must make sure that you have, if not all, most of the basic knowledge in running this type of business. Deck the Walls store is an established franchise with 68 franchisees in the year 2006 in the United States.

One of the most important things in opening a Deck the Walls store is to consider your budget. This will determine whether you are qualified to be a Deck the Walls franchisee.

The qualifications are as follows:

  • You should have a net worth of at least $250,000.
  • You must also have assets with cash liquidity value of $75,000.
  • It is also a must that you already have an experience in General Business.
  • Customer Service and people skills are also required as an experience.

Currently, an average of 5 franchisees out of the current number of franchisees own more than one franchise. In a typical Deck the Walls store, only two to four employees are enough to be able to run the business. Deck the Walls also allows absentee ownership although all of the current owners are also operators.

One of the best deals that you can get from the company is their free training and support program. This training and support program includes training at the headquarters for two weeks and a week at the franchisee’s location. Deck the Walls also provide training about conventions and trade shows that will take three to five days.

Currently, Deck the Walls, to support its franchisees, provides newsletters, conducts meetings, and has a toll-free phone number. And it also provides support over the internet. Deck the Walls will also provide you a marketing support wherein it provides you help with ad slicks, national media, and regional advertising.

Alternatively, if you are still having problems in running a Deck the Walls franchise, you can seek advice from people who currently are also franchisees of Deck the Walls. These people will be glad to give you tips and advice since you are all under one Franchise Company. These people will also be able to provide you the dos and don’t in running the business.

Since this type of business involves dealing with other people, it is recommended that the people you hire are also knowledgeable in the field of arts. Good communication skill is also a thing that your employees must have to be able to run the business smoothly.


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