About Data Doctors Franchise

The Data Doctors Computer Services is a nationally renowned leader in offering computer services and products to the public and local community.

Founded in 1988 Data Doctors has since been showing the country just how reliable their services are, as well as the reliability of the products they sell.

Due to their continuing development and success it has since opened its doors to provide franchise opportunities to the public in the year 2002. The company also provides its franchise owners as well as customers, free computer advice and tips.

You need not be a computer savvy person to engage and apply in this kind of franchise as they offer training in this aspect to get you in the know with the essentials. Aside from the financial aspect and initial investment there is no strict skill requirement to become a franchise owner. One must merely possess the drive, enthusiasm and motivation to start ones own business, learn the basics of managing it and finally bring it to success through continuous research and development, providing its customers with reliable service and quality products, far beyond what is expected.

In this day and time the computer industry is constantly facing several innovations, updates and new technology that is sometimes too speedy for the layman user to adapt to. Because of this typical computer users become infected with worms, viruses and other types of dangerous malware and spyware. It is because of this constant struggle that people have become more and more in need of the services of computer technicians and experts to aid them with their dilemma. Data Doctors offers several computer and technology related services such as data migration, networking setup, backup, data recovery, basic computer repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, systems analysis and other forms of technology assistance. This is also the reason why this industry is very popular and will insure the franchise owner large profits and return of the initial investment to them in just a few months of operation. This however is also dependent on how the franchise owner manages the business. But with the help of the support team, the franchise unit is sure to reap optimum profit influx.

Training with Data Doctors includes areas such as store opening assistance which include site selection, design and layout, staff management and hiring assistance, computer services, processes procedures and protocols and advertising and marketing assistance. Ongoing support is also available in many forms such as ongoing video and internet training, regular meetings and newsletters, the toll free phone line, assistance at the grand opening, security and safety procedures, field operations and evaluations and purchasing support. The marketing support offered is through co-op advertising, ad slicks, regional advertising and the weekly radio show and newspaper column for advertising.

Start up and franchising fees include the total investment of $83,400 to $114,700, the initial franchise fee of $35,000, the ongoing royalty fee of 5% and the terms of agreement renewable at 20 years with a renewal fee of 5% of the then current fee.

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