Cartridge Depot Franchise Review

Cartridge Depot is a franchise company that specializes in recycling used ink cartridges.

Cartridge Depot is among the franchise companies that only requires a minimal amount of capital but have huge profitability.

Nature of the Business

The business mainly deals with the remanufacturing and refilling of used ink cartridges and toners. This does not only help other people to save money in buying ink cartridges but also helps the environment as well. According to research, almost one billion ink cartridges are being shipped every year generating sales of almost $60 million. But among this one billion ink cartridges, 70% are just being thrown away when they are already empty where in fact they can still be refilled and used. Refilling empty ink cartridges helps people to save more instead of buying new ink cartridges. The refilled ink cartridges provide almost the same quality of there a brand new one has.


The vision of the company is changing the way people buy ink cartridges and toners for their printers and faxes. Cartridge Depot is committed in becoming one of the industry leaders when it comes to remanufacturing and refilling of empty ink cartridges. Cartridge Depot has one simple goal; that is to provide their customers and franchisees the best quality experience the company has to offer.

Requirements and Qualifications

Cartridge Depot does not require a huge capital. The required net worth is only at $100,000 and liquid capital of only $30,000. Cartridge Depot, as compared to other type of business, does not require a big amount of capital.

Although general business experience is not required, it is recommended to be able to run the business smoothly. General business experience is an advantage when it comes to running the business.


In cases that you do not have the required amount of capital on hand, there are several organizations that can help you. These organizations provide help in funding your business. But be very careful in loaning huge amounts of capital, make sure that you only loan the amount of money required and the amount of money you are sure you can pay. You do not want to end up being in debt early on your business venture.

Training and Support

Because Cartridge Depot wants its franchisees to succeed in their business, it provides them training and seminars. All franchisees will receive a training program at the Cartridge Depot’s facility. Franchisees will also receive assistance on their territory regarding the use of the equipments as well as managing your business and selling the products.

Aside from seminars and trainings, Cartridge Depot also provides an intensive one-on-one training with each franchisee. This differentiates Cartridge Depot among other competing companies in the industry. Also, Cartridge Depot provides its franchisees a continuous support through phone call or email. Cartridge Depot updates its website with training materials to keep its franchisees updated.


  • Leonard Trevor Paulus said on April 12, 2013
    Dear Sir/Madam I'm from the Northern Cape, 120 kilometres north from Kimberley in South Africa and I'm interested in a cartridge franchise. note that I am a registered company with all needed documents but no limitation on my business activities. If you can grant me this opportunity than this will be my first business venture therefor I'm asking you to really support me throughout my beginning stage of business if it is granted to me. Hope you find it in order Yours in business. Mnr L. T. Paulus
  • Petro said on May 5, 2015
    Hi we are moving to Robertson Western Cape end of June we would like if u can contact us ice starting a cartridge depot their. We have a Capital of 100 000 regards petro
  • Jeetender said on May 9, 2015
    Hi I am from Hyderabad state of Telangana India can u suggest me what will Indian rupee to start this business and what is the process so start this business. Kindly help me out I am very much eager to start cartridge refilling business as depot.


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