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Many families are seeking the help of skilled nursing centers that will serve as a home to seniors in the family especially when a busy lifestyle prevents them from taking good care of them.

Caring Transitions is one of the experienced nursing centers that does not only give a second home but assures also to provide services from start to finish.

Caring Transitions does not only serve as a second home, they also extend their services to helping families moved out the seniors from packing their things to household liquidation, estates sales, cleaning services, downsizing services and other special project assistance.

Steps towards being a Caring Transitions franchise owner starts by requesting information directly form the company. You may either check their website or call them to lend you necessary information. This will enable you to check whether the business is suitable to you in terms of your interest and financial capability.

After you have studied the details and decided to move along the process, you will be called by the management and will ask you questions to measure your capability for owning a franchise. The company maintains criteria as to who should they qualify and will serve as one of their partners in the business. The phone consultation is just of their interviews and investigations.

Next is the meeting with the corporate leaders of the business or their management team. The meeting is, most of the time, the deciding factor. This is where the deals are all laid upon and discrepancies are fixed. After all the terms where discussed, decisions should be finalized for both parties. If both concurred, the franchisee will have to pay the franchising fee and the franchisor will have to grant the agreement. Part also of the discussion is the selection of location, hiring of staffs, marketing strategies, company to franchisee communication and other concerns.

Franchising fee of Caring Transitions is $27,900 and the total investment ranges from $36,700 to $64,400. Royalty fee is 6% and the term of agreement is 10 years. Caring Transitions charges no advertising fee.

What comes next after the closed deal is the training program. The training program is aimed on preparing the staffs and the management team of the franchise store to the actual operation of the business. The training usually lasts for five days but this does not mean it ends there. The support of the company is continuous.

When all these are cleared, meaning, the franchise building is okay and is equipped with facilities, the staffs are properly trained and the management is ready for the transactions, then all are set for the grand opening.


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