About Realty Executives Int'l Franchise

Realty Executives Int’l is considered the leader of all the real estate companies in the country today being hailed by trusted publishing companies.

With the quality real estate agents that they have, you will surely profit with the remarkable selling they provide!

Right now, there are so many realty companies that are mushrooming on the Internet. But at present, on the Realty Executives Int’l have the pride of having the best franchise opportunities among its competitors. They are not simply speaking about themselves because business publications such as Success and Inc. and Entrepreneur just recently hailed the company as one of the leaders of the industry especially when it comes to a stable management, growth in franchise, and other success factors.

It has been proven that the realtors of the Realty Executives Int’l Franchise are more experienced in the realty industry. Many ambitious new companies are trying to at least level with the attained success of the company but they just can’t match the experience of the agents of the company. The real estate agents of the company have averaged more years in expertise in the industry than any other agents in other companies of real estate.

Considered an edge that the company has against other companies is the personal service that the agents of the company offers. With this amazing kind of service, you will always feel that you are special and you are their priority even if there are so many clients being entertained by the company. This is because of the trainings and other tools provided by the company to the Executives in order to provide their clients the best relationships.

With its growing family, realtor offices of Realty Executives Int’l, Inc. are accessible not only nationwide, but worldwide. Whether you are in California or Canada, or as far as Australia, you will be surprised that the company can cover the real estate market from those places. That’s how global the company has grown over the years of its commitment to the real estate industry. Aside from that, the company has been associated and partnered with other global real estate companies. So for people in other countries who wants to move or looking for a real estate abroad or in the US, the company can always offer its great real estate to those people and meet their expectations.

The company has the distinct quality of never forgetting their customers which is a part of the great relationships that they create while they are still selling their estates. Agents are insured of having a stress-free and rewarding experience while they are helping the company prosper. These are just tidbits of the secrets of success that the company has. By being one of their franchisee, you will discover more things that will make you become more proud that you belong to an amazing realty company!

Being a part of this realty company is just easy and affordable. You will be amazed that you can easily start up with a small capital compared to other companies. For the starting liquid capital, you are only required to invest $20,000 as franchise fee. For the total investment, you are just required to prepare $18,600 to $88,000. For more information about Realty Executives Int'l Franchise, just visit their site and request for more details.

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  • Bagbe Olugbenga Olufemi said on February 10, 2018
    Hi Team, Could you please avail me with detailed information on your franchise and how to forge on or better still, go into partnership with you in Nigeria as the market is massive with very high turnover! I look forward to your prompt response. Best Regards,


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