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Nowadays, franchising a learning center is becoming a new trend. Kumon Learning Center is just one of the most seek-out franchises in the franchising industry.

50 years ago, Kumon Learning Center was put up by a Japanese educator named Mr. Toru Kumon to help his son improve and increase his learning achievement.

He has the principle that all children have the ability to excel more in terms of learning. Today, Kumon Learning Center has been offering learning services in more than 44 countries nationwide.

Kumon’s Learning Principle

Kumon Learning Center believes that a child must be provided with a system that can enhance their learning foundation on different subjects, but most particularly in the fundamentals of mathematics like subtraction, multiplication, addition, and division. In this way, the child can easily advance to the upper level math courses. They also had a day by day practice and a child-focused learning approach. This can provide their students to have a fostering and educational environment and the opportunity to have a full attention of a tutor.

Kumon Learning Center is an active member of the International Franchise Association. The company has been devoted to expanding their learning center business by means of a franchise model. They operate at least twice a week and all of their instructors must undergo precise training and continuous education program. This is because they believe that the instructor is the one responsible for the observation and making sure that the children gain their full learning potential. Truly, Kumon Learning Center is the most steadfast franchise business in the world of learning and education franchise.

Kumon Learning Center Franchise Achievements

Kumon Learning Center is one of the most prominent franchise companies in the franchising business.

Their achievements were as follows:

  • Top 1 in the category of “Best Low-Investment Franchises”. This is considered to be a highest achievement because Kumon Learning Center is the only learning and educational business that reaches the Top 20.
  • Top 23 in the category of “Best Franchise Company”. This is considered to be an exemplary achievement because we all know that there are many franchise business opportunities out there.

How to apply for a Kumon Learning Center Franchise

Those who are interested may follow the following steps in applying for a franchise.

  1. Be present at the said program orientation. This is usually held at the Kumon Learning Center Head Office.
  2. Interested franchiser must pass the Math and English Test.
  3. Must pass the management interview.
  4. Must have a ready site for the franchise. The chosen site must be appropriate for the business and it must be approved by the Kumon Learning Center Head.
  5. Must go to the training for New Instructor and In-class preparation.
  6. Must have the classroom already set-up.
  7. Once you have completed all the requirements, the last thing that you must do is to sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the franchise fee per subject.

If you are interested, you can go the nearest Kumon Learning Center on your place or you can visit this site, www.kumonfranchise.com, to know the location of Kumon Learning Center near you.


  • Mary Ann Ludovice said on September 6, 2014
    Hi i'm planning to put up a kumon center in manila area. Is there a particular place that you may suggest? thanks
  • Josephine Serrano said on September 12, 2014
    I'm planning to put up kumon center in Queensrow East Molino Bacoor Cavite. Or is there a particular place that you may suggest? Thank you


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