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Securing business success through providing the appropriate training program on carrying out business procedures and other relevant matters to it franchises, Cyre-Leike maintains the reputation through the years.

Franchising the business requires financial capabilities and experience in the same line of business, though not required, would be an advantage.

Cyre-Leike is one of the well known real estate businesses. Franchising Cyre-Leike may reach a total investment of $74,500 up to $ 310,800. The range varies according to the vastness of the operation that you chose to engage with.

Established since 1976, Cyre-Leike has become one of the most respected names in the real estate industry. They have established long term and profitable relationship many clients and business partners and is continuously growing. Cyre-Leike started in the franchising business in 1999.

Aside from the financial requirement of the business, having experience I the real estate business is an advantage. Knowing how such business runs will lessen the burden on management training. The reining involve in franchising the business includes marketing, sales, business operations, and management aspect.

The marketing training basically deals with analyzing the behavior of the target market and on determining factors that may influence the buying habit of the customers. Market analyses theoretically determine profitability of the business and decide for the best possible course of action that the business should take. As with the sales, the concern is on imparting expertise on turning the marketing strategies to sure profit or sales. This is more on how to persuade clients and how to close the right deal.

In a real estate business like Cyre-Leike, sales talk is very vital for it influences the decision of the customers. Persuasion is a necessary tool in order to get the approval of the client.

Franchising Cyre-Leike also involves training for the business operations. Business operations are the day to day business transactions to deal with. This should be consistent as with other franchises hence, it is more of the standard operating procedures. Usually, staffs that undergo this kind of training are the administrative staffs and the others tasked with clerical works. Likewise, this also goes true with the management training. The difference is that the management training concerns is more on the decision making aspects of the business.

The training program of Cyre-Leike is to ensure that the business will run accordingly. It is essential that before the opening day of the franchises, all staffs are ready and prepared with their respective tasks to create a lasting impression of quality service.

Real estate business is not that simple to deal with. It requires certain amount of ability and knowledge for it to fulfill its mission and hit its vision.


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