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If you wish to open up a business and want to go with a rewarding one, you can start up your own Petland store. Indeed, this kind of business will provide you an exciting experience plus will offer you great income in the long run.

Petland sells pets and pet-related merchandise in the US, Canada, Japan, France, Chile and Israel.

Each of Petland store offers fish, birds, cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles, the food and accessories. This business will make you bring people and animals together and help them obtain their needs. The company will help, assist and guide you all the way since they have experienced team of professionals who will be there for you. The assistances that Petland can provide you are initial consideration, planning, construction, investment, training and on-going assistance.

It is not just a sign on the door is what you can get as soon as you granted with a Petland franchise license. It is a fact that the company is more than just a name; the company can guide you in every step. The Petland company can assist you from providing initial financing package which you need to present in your bank, you will gain understand with the quarterly specials and private-label products that the company offers. The company has strategic partners that can help works to be done easily, with that, you will be given supports and guides with it and also on how to make customers happy and satisfied. Plus, the company will assists you on getting higher profits.

In order to obtain success as Petland franchisee, you will be provided with special services such as site location and lease negotiation, financial services, training, design and construction, advertising and direct mail, an extensive distribution network private labeling, field operations support and communications.

Whatever you need and whatever questions you have, the company will assists and help you out to obtain better understand and for you to obtain success.

If you are asking regarding the costs, the cost for Petland franchise depends on the size of the store that you wish to open. It also depends on the credit and collateral that you have. Of your own franchise, you need to finance at least 80 percent of it.

Business plan is important in a business. Good thing is that Petland will help you in establishing a business plan and also in developing loan-request package. The company will also assist you in looking for the right lending institution. In order for you to be able to get the right loan for you, Petland will help you in preparing the presentation that you will show to the lender.

Of course, you need to pick the perfect site, Petland will assist you in evaluating each will be right for you. If you will select a site, Petland will look at it and they will approve it is a good one and if not, you can look for another, but of course, they can help you in negotiating for the best space that is available for you.


  • VisheSH Sultania said on August 16, 2011
    Hi, I live in Raipur and would like to owe a franchise of Pet.I want to open in Civil Lines. So I would like to know what are the requirements to owe a franchise of it. I would be highly obliged to have your positive reply ASAP. My id Thank you.
  • thakkar nirav v said on December 27, 2012
    i am interested to open a pet house in patan (gujarat) so, what are the requirement for to open a pethouse


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