Pets Are Inn Franchise Opportunity

At Pets Are Inn you are given the unique opportunity to be able to entrust the safety and welfare of your pet while you are away.

Engaging in the Pets Are inn franchise will allow you to ensure the well being of the clients' pets while they are away for several days.

The Pets Are Inn company pre screens private homes and families that will serve as the “Host family” in caring for the customer’s pets. This is especially popular when certain families need to be away for a while or are on vacation. Normally they will look for relative or friend that will be able to take care of the pet. Otherwise the next resort would be to rely on outside sources, which is a standard kennel facility. Nowadays since pets are considered as members of the family, pet owners are hesitant to leave them at kennels in cages, where their freedom is restricted and where they may not feel as comfortable as they are accustomed to.

This is where Pets Are Inn takes over, giving you the option of leaving your pet in the hands of reliable families, where the pets serve as lodgers in their private homes. This will give the pet a loving home environment in which they will feel more accustomed to as compared to being locked up in a cage at a kennel. In the hands of a loving family the pet gets exactly that, love. It is because of this that the pet is not deprived of attention, caring and affection which has become part of its daily routine with its owner.

To make reservations the customer will need to call and inquire ahead of time in order for the company to make the ample arrangements. What follows is an interview from which the staff will collect the required information regarding the clients’ pet. It is from this information that a match host family is acquired. Therefore, upon departure of the client, the pet will be shipped directly to this host family which will by then be well prepared to care for the animal. All important information regarding shots, medication, habits, exercise schedules and feeding must be discussed and listed thoroughly.

Founded in 1982 and franchising since 1986, the company has since had exclusive territories available nationwide. The franchisor has 7 employees and 5 in the franchise department. The territory size required is a 100,000 person population. Total investment is $49,950 - $75,150 with a franchise fee of $35,000, ongoing royalty fee of 10-5%, with a ten year renewable term of agreement. Qualifications include a net worth requirement of $250,000 and cash liquidity requirement of $50,000. Business experience includes general business and marketing skills and of course a love for animals. The franchise may be run from home and 30% of all franchisees own more than one unit with a minimum of 4 employees per unit. Absentee ownership of franchise is not allowed and 100% of current franchisees are both owners and operators.

Training is available at the headquarters for five days and at the franchisees location for one day. Weekly, monthly and quarterly checkups will be implemented at the owner’s location thence forth. Ongoing support will be in the form of meetings, newsletters, toll free phone line, the grand opening, internet, security and safety procedures, field operations ad evaluations and purchasing cooperatives. The marketing support will be in AD slicks and co-op advertising.


  • jayesh sharma said on August 26, 2012
    Hi i am jayesh from rajsamand state rajasthan india i want to Know franchise about pets .
  • Capt.N.V.Subramanyam said on August 12, 2013
    Hi I want to know franchise about pet shop in delhi


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