How to Start Preppy Pet Franchise

Two-thirds of the American households have one or even a number of pets. It has become undeniable that America is a pet-loving country where pets are indispensable members of the family.

In fact, when these families travel for leisure or for visits, pets are sure to come with them! And, when they do, these pet owners seek for the best facilities for their little ones.

As a result, they decide on looking for day cares that will watch over their pets. Also, there are families with busily working members who opt to look for doggie centers that will take charge in meeting the needs of their pets, such as socialization and exercise.

Statistics show that while many business sectors struggle in the recent recession, the pet industry is traced to have spent over a total of $50 billion dollars every year and growing. With this figure in mind, franchising a pet day care is indeed a great idea. And franchising Preppy Pet is even brilliant.

It was in the year 2003 when Preppy Pet had its humble beginnings in Orlando which now serve as the center’s main headquarters. The center firmly adheres to the concept of a cost-efficient opening and operating expenses. This is to avoid overspending which consequently leads to debts, risks and eventually failure.

Because of Preppy Pet’s concepts, it can offer a potential franchisee a ready-to-operate, business for less than $200,000. In fact, the only required total investment can be as low as $122,750 with a franchise fee of $29,500. The royalty fee is at least 4% to 6% of the total revenues. The term of franchise agreement expires in 10 years but still can be renewed thereafter. It was then in 2006 that franchising Preppy Pet became a hit thing in the pet industry.

Also, Preppy Pet believes in the maximization of a franchisee’s investment by more sales and services offer. As an add on, it also offers a franchise for Overnight Pet Boarding, Doggie Daycare, Grooming and Training for a franchise fee as low as $39,500.

To start a Preppy Pet franchise, the franchisee is required to fill in a Qualification Sheet which should be sent to the management. After reviewing and evaluation of the information provided by the franchisee and after deciding if he or she meets the qualifications for being part of the system, he or she will be invited to the headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Also, the potential franchise owner will be required to review and understand Preppy Pet’s Franchise Disclosure Document or otherwise known as the FDD. This document provides all explanations and terms regarding the franchise of the business. In addition, it includes the Franchise Agreement which will be signed when both parties agree to the terms provided. Should there be any question after the review of FDD and the Franchise Agreement, the management would be willing to provide answers and explanation when the potential franchisee visits the headquarters.


  • sugumar said on November 12, 2013
    i like to start the pet shop in chennai
  • Adam Gibbs said on October 6, 2021
    Hi. Can I also sell puppies.!? Will I have access to a lab to check bloodlines? These are my main questions before getting started. Would you consider Maryland?


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