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Franchising is not as easy task as you thought it would be but not with DoodyCalls. Providing cleaning services to pet owners who are confronted with dilemma on waste that their pets were disposing, DoodyCalls has a turn-key operating system that is also made available for those wanting to franchise the business.

There are two common ways to enter in the business industry. First is that you can start your own conceptualized business or second, you may franchise an existing business.

Many entrepreneurs would like to play it safe especially when it is their first time to venture an investment. Hence, franchising is where they turn to. But choosing which business to franchise needs a thorough analysis. You need first to determine whether the company can make your investment flourish and whether their management will help you out on establishing the franchising. In addition, it also important that you choose the one where your interest or passion is so you can come up with more creative ideas on prospering the franchise.

To start your DoodyCalls franchise you will need a total investment ranging from $45,000 to $67,000. There is also a liquid capital requirement of $40,000 and net worth of $50,000. Like with other businesses offering franchising opportunity, DoodyCalls provides financing assistance too.

DoodyCalls is concerned with delivering pet waste removal services. It gives pet owners the ease of not minding the cleaning aspect so as not to add stress to per owners. In extension to their cleaning services, DoodyCalls also has deodorizing, floor spot treatment and other related services.

The company realizes that a lot of pet owners are bothered whenever their pet has to response with the call of nature especially while they are places where they should not be.

On passing the assessment to be conducted by the management, you will be subjected to interviews followed by series of meetings to get the deal done. After the agreement was made clear, you are on your way to looking for the site location. The location of the store should be strategically located for it may influence the productivity and profitability of the business. However, it is also possible to run the franchise from home.

Next is the design and layout of the store followed by equipping it with the facilities and other materials needed for the operations. After this is the training of the employees. It is very important that they are knowledgeable and skillful on getting the job done. One of the important things to learn is to know the dog behavior. You will be dealing with them in most of time thus it is very important to known how to deal with them. Further, there are also training concerning business procedures. This is to assure that the franchise will conform to standards established by the company.

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  • Rip Off said on July 23, 2014
    This group has franchise operators that charge customers for service upfront then don't deliver service. Stay away.


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