How to Build a BBQ Trailer

Barbecue is one of the most popular foods in the world. Its smoky and unique blend of marinate oozes with a magnificent taste. That is why many people love to eat barbecue due to its unforgettable taste. Barbecues are commonly available in restaurants, competition venues, sporting events and many more. Barbecue is a surely hit food, which makes it an ideal business via BBQ trailer.

However, before you start running a BBQ trailer business, it is very significant to have enough knowledge about building BBQ trailer.

BBQ Trailer Design

The first thing that you need to know is by selecting the ideal design for your barbeque trailer. Make sure to get the blueprint that describes the construction specification. The plans for BBQ trailer may also be acquire online. Buy a design that applicable for your cooking style. You may also look at some professional barbeque trailers to obtain the design made by well-known brands. This aspect should not be ignored because it is you who will operate this trailer, so it is best if you have the best knowledge about this.

The Standard Measurement

When purchasing a trailer, be sure that serve as base, an ideal BBQ trailer has the measurement of 5 ft by 8 ft which makes a model for barbeque trailers. In case you wanted to add large smokers and grills, you may need a larger one to occupy these extra accessories.

Location of the BBQ Trailer

The location of your barbeque unit is also very important. Make sure that it is secured into a safe position. There are actually two main options on how you can secure the trailer one is to bolt the trailer and other one is to weld it. When bolting the BBQ unit, use the sliding bolts within the bolt holes situated in the BBQ legs and attach a nut and washer to the other end, underneath the trailer. In case you want to make it permanent, then you need to choose the welding equipment in order to bond your BBQ unit into the trailer. When you already done protecting the unit, attach the accessories you want to install.

The Smoke Box and Chimneys

Don’t forget to check the smoke box and chimneys, be sure that they are connected appropriately to avoid the smoke to increase when you are not using the unit.

Test the Unit First

Before you take your BBQ trailer on the road, it is very important to test run it. This will able to help you spot if there are some problems with the machine like the position of the chimney and other minor adjustments.

Now that your BBQ trailer is ready, you can now take them out in the road. However, be sure to take the unit wherein there are a lot of people. Don’t forget about the taste of your BBQ, make sure that it has sumptuous flavor because it will be the basis on how your business will run effectively.

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  • Vince said on May 23, 2012
    Instead of the barbecue business, I would want to open a sandwich business


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