Street Vendor Business Pros and Cons

Street vendor business is very common. There are so many products being offered in the street offering people with instant access to the things that they need. On the other note, there are some street vendor business pros and cons present.

This write up will provide you with the information about those matters.

When you are planning to begin the street vendor business, you have to weigh the pros and cons properly. There are some street vendor business advantages and disadvantages that you must be aware of. Knowing the information about this will surely help you decide on starting the business.

Pro # 1-Transportable

First, you have to know some of the pros of street vending business. The first advantage of this kind of venture is that you will have the chance to evaluate the area you are planning to establish your business. Since vending business can be transported from one place to another, you can easily relocate to the other places once you seem that the current market you have will not offer you with the profits you are targeting. This is not like the other complex businesses where the location they currently have will be fixed.

Pro #2-Low Overhead

Aside from being transportable, street vending business will also offer low overhead for its business owners. In this kind of business, the vendors do not longer need to secure payment in electricity, business rentals and other financial responsibilities of the other kinds of businesses. This also follows that it will easily lead to the generation of higher sales. The income that will be earned does not longer need to be allotted with the other business financial responsibilities. Unlike the other kinds of business, there is a need to pay for electricity bills, location rental and other aspects.

Con #1-Neck to Neck Competition

One of the main disadvantages in street vending business is its neck to neck competition. Once you established this business, there are so many street vendors that may come. This may be the reason why these kinds of businesses are made transportable because they need to go to one place to another in order to look for the prospects of their business. And because of the competition of this kind of business, there is difficulty in searching for the right business location.

Con #2-Exposed to Harmful Weather Conditions

On the other note, the street vending business owners are very much exposed to health alteration. This is a form of venture where you are frequently exposed outside. You will suffer much from the extreme weather conditions like excessive rays from the sun as well as rain. If you are a vending business owner and have altered immune system, you will easily acquire diseases and infections such as colds and cough. But in order to avoid this, you can take some medications that will boost your immune system response.


  • Nasly Duarte said on November 19, 2012
    I am looking to open a street vending business. Very unique and creative.
  • tom setteducato said on February 13, 2015
    i have 500 people to sell street products any ideas?
  • savior christ coronado said on January 15, 2019
    what is the title of this article? or may I ask your APA citation?


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