Starting A Street Food Business

Have you been interested in street food business and planning to start one? Well it will not be that easy, as a matter of fact, it is challenging. But everything will be worth your money and effort in business, especially if it becomes successful.

Since it is challenging, its requirements will include ingenuity and properly conducted research.

Street Food Vehicle

In a street food business, the very first thing that you will need is the vehicle that you are going to use. Some of your options are trucks and cart. If you are saving money, you can start with only a cart and as your business grows, buy a truck. The bigger the truck, the higher you will acquire profit since you can put more equipment and foods in it. Also, in buying a vehicle, you must suit it with the kinds of food you are going to sell.

If you are going to buy food trucks, you can try looking for it in online auctions. Another way is to inquire entrepreneurs of the same kind of business about where to buy food trucks. You can also ask them further advice about your prospective business, especially if they are already your good friend.

Know your Laws

The very important task in establishing your street food business is to know your state laws with regards to their food regulations. Conduct a thorough research about it. There are several cities, for example New York, that require from the business own of food trucks to first acquire licenses as well as permits before they can start their business. On the other hand, there are some cities that regulate numbers of entrepreneurs who are only allowed and permitted to build their shop. In connection with this, the Department of Health often times conduct inspections to your business cart or truck. They will be the ones to judge whether your street food business can operate or not. Aside from online information about your state laws, you can also contact or visit the state health of your locality and the licensing department of businesses in order for you to acquire all the information that you need.

Looking For the Right Spot

Supposing that you have already acquired the necessary licenses and permits for you street food business, you can now proceed to finding the right spot for your business. It is usually recommended to have your business near parking lots or in any street corners which is normally being subjected to traffic. These are the most ideal spots for you. Furthermore, you will also have to do more researching at this stage. In this case, you must research on your target city’s guideline so that you will know what areas are available for you and those which are not. Lastly, buy all your planned food items and start promoting your business.


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