Prevent Theft of Commercial Trucks and Trailer

Theft can occur anywhere and at any time. Commercial trucks and trailers are one of your previous investments. If you don't want it stolen, you need to ensure that you install the necessary devices.

Observe the common ways to prevent theft. It's a good idea to invest in these devices for your vehicles' protection.

Every year, the FBI is able to record around 1.2M vehicle thefts in the United States. The losses were estimated around $7.6B. Commercial trucks and trailers are on top of the list since the thieves can resell them in chopped parts. Losing a commercial truck or trailer is not the only things you can lose as a business owner but you will also be facing angry customers, parts shortages, business interruptions, higher insurance premium, and revenue loss. Well, you can prevent theft with some basic measures to ensure the security of your commercial trucks and trailer. You need to make your trucks and trailer less vulnerable or desirable; there is also a way to recover these vehicles when stolen.

Ways to Prevent Theft

You can educate your drivers to use common sense at all times. Oftentimes, it’s the drivers that present the opportunity for thieves to steal the vehicle by leaving the door or windows open, leaving the truck with the key, and leaving the engine running. Here are some ways to exercise common sense - you can try hiding spare keys under the truck; never put identification tags on the key rings because if you lose them, the criminal can identify the vehicle; park safely; don’t leave the window half open even for ventilation; don’t pick up hitchhikers; keep the trailers locked when not in use; when putting cargo inside the trailer, put the ones with value up front while the normal cargo at the back.

Using Devices

Don’t forget to install effective alarm systems and other anti-theft gadgets like locks for steering wheels, audible alarms, and detectors. You can even make use of sophisticated gadgets that will send automatic alerts to the police station when the vehicle is moved illegally. Immobilizer systems should also be installed which can disable the engine functions unless a switch is activated. The system will include interrupters like ignition cut offs and starter disablers. Even if the vehicle will operate for a few minutes, it will automatically stall out. If the trucks or trailer are towed, this device can buy you time.

Tracking devices can also help the police in tracing your vehicle. Most of the tracking systems use GPS or global positioning system so that you will receive info as to the vehicle’s location. The signal emitted by the device can be tracked down by the authorities using their electronic map.


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