About Two Men and a Truck Franchise

With the intact value and motto of customer service of Two Men and a Truck moving services and supplies business, many people have become patrons of their service.

Find out more about Two Men and a Truck franchise to become a part of their successful franchisees.

Moving services can be a great business that anyone can have.

This kind of business is totally in-demand and it is easy to manage to earn big income. Aside from the vehicles, you may only require few investments such as moving supplies and equipment. Two Men and a Truck International Inc. has become the most successful in the country with this kind of business having grown with so many franchises over the years. If you want to be a part of the growing franchisees and start owning a lucrative business, here some details about Two Men and a Truck franchise.

The initial franchise fee required for buying a Two Men and a Truck franchise is only $32,000. You can start running the business with a total investment of $94,000 to $351,000 depending on how big you want to start your moving services business. Only a 6% royalty fee is required every year where the term of agreement is 5 years that is renewable by paying only $2,500.

Two Men and a Truck was founded by Mary Ellen Sheets who had two sons that formerly started the idea by having a small moving business in 1985 when they were in high school. When they already have to attend college, they left the business to their mom and the business started to grow even more. So in 1989, the family started franchising the business and until now, it continues to grow having so many locations in the United States. The family is proud that the business has become a part of their lives and that they have successfully built such business through intact moral values. Customer service is the top priority of the business and this is what every franchise should possess even if each of them is individually owned.

Two Men and a Truck offer professional moving services and supplies and owning your own franchise will allow you to have freedom in running the business. But in order to be successful, the company is giving support and structure for an effective system of franchise. The main value that the company wants every franchise to adopt is the true care about customers who want their services.

This former after-school business has become so big after 20 years of successful operation and franchise system. The once small business in Lansing, Michigan has already grown in the United States even taking the world market. What’s amazing about this company is that it always aims to exceed the expectations of the customers that would be the reason why people look for this company whenever they want a moving service.


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