Opening an American Tire Depot Franchise

American Tire Depot offers you a high possibility of starting a franchise as a business. You can choose whatever you want to have, whether these are the products on retail or wholesale.

They sell wheels, tires and all other related products that you can have in your franchised store.

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Choose what franchise plan you want to start

Upon your decision of managing a franchise from American Tire Depot, you will have to choose between two plans for franchise offered. The first one is the existing store plan wherein the franchisor which is American Tire Depot offering a full operational store for you as the franchisee. Second is the franchise new location plan at which both the franchisee and the franchisor work in collaboration in order to transform a formerly independent store into something that is favorable for both.

Franchise Qualifications and Agreement

Whatever you choose between the two is associated to any amount of money for all finances. It is important to note that American Tire does not guarantee any financial agreement to its franchisee. Nevertheless, everything can be possible along the way. Your franchisor may give you individual credit line depending on your financial qualifications. By the time that you are able to choose any of the given franchise agreement, you will now have to sign the agreement.

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Renewal Policies

The franchise agreement involves all policy terms and renewal at the same time. The maximum length of franchise is 10 years. Renewal is allowed after 10 years, given that you are still in good standing. The decision is in you, whether or not you will still renew the franchise. To ensure that the business will continue to succeed in the industry, your franchisor offers a training program conducted after six weeks of the opening. With their operational training facilities, you can surely get a hold of the business for quite some time.

Franchise training involves the basics of services and sales, along with the operational techniques that you need to master in order to get better in the business. If you are thinking about the location where to put up the franchise facility, you should be informed that American Depot does not guarantee an exclusive territory where you can possibly put up the business. This only means that you need for a suitable location yourself to start the operation immediately. It must be somewhere accessible for your target audience.

Restrictions and Obligations

In the agreement, restrictions and obligations are also included. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to sell any product or item that is not guaranteed or advised by the franchisor. It is necessary that you make all transactions in relation to the protocol of the company. Your franchisor shall authorize you of creating and innovating any of the product that you have in the store at the present. The operation shall continue according to the span of time that you agreed in the contract. Once you are able to create great outcomes in this business. By the end of the year, you will financially increase.

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