Starting RimTyme Franchise

With a turn-key operating system and respected name in the business, RimTyme is a good choice for those eyeing a franchising opportunity.

Here are the details and see whether you qualify with their requirements and open the door for your business success.

RimTyme is one of the known brands in terms of providing quality custom wheels and tires. Established since 2001, RimTyme has over 13 franchised units and 10 company owned units. The business had just started franchising since 2007 and the number of franchises from then is a significant growth for the company. Here are some of the important details to note for franchising RimTyme.

To start a RimTyme franchise, start up cost ranges from $14,000 to $180,000. Initial franchise fee is at $25,000. Total investment ranges from $190,255 to $ 4327,584 with a minimum net worth of $350,000. Note that on going inventory purchases are not included in the stated total investment. However, RimTyme provides financing of up to 100% of the expense in inventory and even additional financing for operating capital.

In addition, royalty fee for franchising RimTyme is 5% while the advertising fee is $250 per month. Advertising is one of the crucial aspects. It is very important that businesses let the potential customers know about the product and why should they patronize you instead of any other. It should be apparent that most businesses really spend a part of their sales for marketing since it is one of the major customer getter.

RimTyme is in the industry of providing customized and specialized wheels and tires. More so, they also sell accessory products related to the business and they operate in a traditional retail sale program. Surviving the years strong in their line of business, RimTyme remained on having a competitive price in the market. They make sure that their high quality products are made available and affordable to every market class. This has earned them loyal customers through the years. They have also affordable payment plans so as to value the relationship that RimTyme is building with its customers.

On the other hand, starting a RimTyme franchise is never difficult. Though having an experience in automotive tire business and Rent-to-Own is an advantage, it is still possible for those who do not have such experience to own RimTyme franchise.

Having also an experience in either operating and managing small businesses or even multi-unit stores is favorable. But if not at all exposed to such, RimTyme will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you should possess to run the business effectively.

The RimTyme management team helps every franchisee to become accustomed to the RimTyme culture in terms of providing quality services to both employees and customers.


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