How to Start an Automotive Repair Shop

In opening an automotive repair shop, you will surely have a strong business despite the recession. You just have to plan carefully for the different aspects of your business.

In times of financial crisis such as today, people are trying to make use of their old stuffs.

If their items are already broken or malfunctioning, they are not planning on replacing it just yet. Their best way to go about it is by bringing that item to someone who can fix it and have it working again. They believe that repairs are far more inexpensive than buying a new one. The same thinking is true for car owners.

Cars are not something you can buy out of your change. Normally, when you are to buy a car, you have to apply for a car loan, or go to a surplus car sale shop nearby to buy the second-hand car that fits your budget. You see, cars are really costly. And so, a little problem with the engine doesn’t mean heading the car to the junk yard. It means, bringing the car to an automotive repair shop. With millions of people all over the country owning and driving a car, there is a very small possibility that this business can easily close down. If this is the kind of business you are planning to open for yourself, then start preparing all the needed things for you to operate. Here are the things you need to do in starting an automotive repair shop.

  • Identify your target market. This means, you must know the financial capabilities of your prospective clients. Surely, you must not expect all of your clients are well-off. That is why, you must also make provisions in your shop to help those individuals who cannot actually afford to buy car parts that are worth more than they can. It is then also wise if you think about re-selling second-hand automotive parts to answer this kind of problem.
  • Now, that you have identified your target customers, it is now time for you to know where the locations are they would most probably be in. Or better yet, what are the best areas for you to be found as an automotive repair shop? Normally, they would expect you to be around near busy roads or high ways. And the most recommended location for an auto repair shop is in a commercial area and along the road. That way, you can be easily seen by car drivers in case they need your help.
  • Next, analyze your capabilities and skills in relation to automotive repairs. If you are skilled in this business, then it is really an advantage for you. But if not, it is wise if you would hire a person that is. You wouldn’t want to have your shop be among the mostly complained automotive shop in your location because of lack of mastery regarding repairing of cars. If you can afford it, try hiring a professional technician, mechanist, or engineer so that you have helpful brains in your shop aside from the skilled workers that you have around.
  • Plan your trademark. In a business where there are so many entrepreneurs who have already gone in the same path as you, it is advisable to create something unique so that the customers can identify you easily through your products and services. Some have tried adding free car wash for every tune-up services. Try to be creative to have that staying power in your hand.
  • Look for possible suppliers of tools and equipment in your location. It is best if you could make a healthy relationship between you and the supplier to gain yourself and your business the credibility that can take you to places. Also, if you have really analyzed the products of your supplier, then it is easier for you know which supplier gives you the best offer of items and prices.


  • jjmehta said on September 17, 2010
    sir, i want to start auto repair shop in ahmedabad. will u pl. give some guideline for that. thanking u
  • Dion said on December 7, 2010
    Hi,I am looking at opening a car service shop in johannesburg and am trying to get some idea on how much it will cost to get off the ground?
  • Steve said on July 10, 2011
    Yes, I'm looking at starting a Semi-truck and trailer repair shop in McGehee, Arkansas. Any helpful info or ideas on how to start?
  • john said on September 28, 2011
    want to know if you need a license to repair cars at a auto repair shop in staten island new york
  • SK said on December 18, 2011
    Dear sir,I am looking at opening a car service shop in India and I am trying to get some idea. Please advise me. Many Thanks & Best regards, SK
  • daya said on December 3, 2012
    am gonna open a car repair centre , in Tamil nadu, would you please suggest a suitable franchise and the requirements to do the business
  • Bheki said on July 16, 2013
    I want to start a car repair and car dent repair shop and also buy damaged cars and sell them in Manzini, Swaziland, I need a financer.
  • Oria Msimango said on August 29, 2013
    Hallo sir/madam I am located in South Africa and I would like to start an Automobile repair workshop in my province Mpumalanga. I would like to request guide line(the whole information). hoping for your positive response
  • TEBOGO said on January 14, 2015
    Hi I am located in the west of Johannesburg, and would definitely like to open a workshop for auto servicing and repairs, i aim to deal mostly with the german mades, would you kindly assist in starting up and making it professionally, the thing is me and my uncle we have been operating from the streets and we realise that there is huge opportunity and demand is high for our services. How much must we have for start up cost, where must we go for legal and professional affiliates with the industry.
  • Ato said on December 27, 2016
    dear, sir/madam i am gonna open up a car modifying garage in India and I want to know what are the facilities needed for car notification, and also the price. plz help me i'm in need of ur information!...
  • BARATH said on February 13, 2017
    hello sir, i am barath in tamilnadu i will complete B.E, MBA. i will interested in car mechanical works & i have also 3 years experience in mechanical works. i will interested into open mechanical workshop, how can i develop very well. plz help me sir..
  • RICHARD MWILA KASHOKI said on February 11, 2021
    good Sir, I live in the northern part of Zambia I want to start an automotive repair business with the possibility of obtaining a loan from the Government. Am asking for a good business plan from you Sir, what is required in terms of tools, machinery and manpower thank you


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