Starting a Matco Tools Franchise

Investing in a Macto Tools franchise can be a very satisfying and rewarding business venture for people who are business-driven. Matco Tools has been around since 1979 and has been franchising in the early 90’s.

The company has now grown to be the biggest manufacturing, distributing and servicing automotive equipment in the United States and other parts of the world.

Matco Tools has been the place of purpose if they want the best over-haul in their automobile.

Requirements to Start a Matco Tools Franchise

For most franchisees, having knowledge in running this kind of business is a plus factor in running the outlet. The company has a minimum requirement to be one of their top-industry providers. A Potential franchisee only needs a liquid cash asset of $25,000 to $50,000 to have a contract with the company. Familiarity in the automotive industry in order for you to standout with the competition is also a must. If you have all this characteristics, Matco Tools is surely the best way to go around.

Matco Tools Franchise Start up Cost

Starting your very own Matco Tools Franchise will cost from $81,100 to $183,100. There is also no franchising fee required by the company during the contract signing. The company's website failed to say whether the initial venture will cover the amount need for shop equipment, electric bill, and other operational expenses. The company states that financing, through legitimate banks, will be permissible.

Matco has a 10-year contract for those who will meet the criteria in their assessment. The company also has no royalty fee. You can save up on cash asset once you acquired one franchise of Matco Tools. It is generally the cheapest way in investing your money since one or more franchise does not require the payment of royalty fee.

Ahead of the expiration of your contract, the company also offers no renewal fee to resign a contract with them. The terms of agreement and the company profile are available through the company’s website.

Expected Profit in this Franchise Business

It is a quick and simple way to get back your investment in a Matco Tools franchise. In just over a year, you can already see the outstanding result and even obtain the investment cost in just a short period of time. That is why, Matco also present its newly signed associates with a gratis site tours on probable spots to put up a franchise. Today the company's line of products includes over 13,000 different items which makes it a very good business venture.

Training and Support from Matco Tools

The most basic training in automotive and managing business will be available to those who qualify. This will be held on the spot and in the Matco Tools regional offices. Your staff can also avail this free training, which will include automotive repair, dialysis, oil change and other stuff concerned basic automotive overhaul.

Matco Tools Involvement in Promotions and Advertising

Matco provide full to capacity support to all of its franchisees using technological advancements like E-mails, newsletters, and other electronic promotions. Other advertising options include TV, print, and Regional advertising. Co-op advertising can also be used by the franchisees depending on the regional network operations.

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  • Organize said on March 4, 2012
    I am a 20+ year veteran of this company and strongly advise anyone considering this phony opportunity to look elsewhere. Matco Tools has undergone a stunning negative transformation since being acquired by Wall St firm Danaher. Anyone starting one of these Franchises has a 90% chance of failure or termination within 5 years. Ask any one of the THOUSANDS of distributors who have come and gone then lost everything including their homes. These are verifiable facts


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