Start an AAMCO Transmissions Franchise

It's very simple to start an AAMCO Transmissions Franchise. Would you like to know the requirements to get started now? Read further to learn a comprehensive guide in doing so.

You will get to know AAMCO Transmissions Franchise and how much is needed to start earning through their system.

The first AAMCO Transmissions Franchise was opened in Philadelphia in the year 1963 and the first franchise owner was Robert Morgan. Today, however, there are more than 900 locations across U.S. and Canada and it’s still the leader in transmission repair. To expand their reach, they are also into general automotive repair aftermarket which started during the last three years.

Why Choose AAMCO Transmissions Franchise?

For more than 40 years, AAMCO enjoys brand awareness of over 90%. So when you own one of their franchises, customers come to you – this can offer a lifestyle of being your own boss.

AAMCO boasts of highly skilled technicians, who are the best in the industry. Consequently, they’re also positioned to be the market leader in brakes, air-conditioning, tune-ups and other aftermarket services.

Automotive repair is a $200 billion market – this is the reason for their expansion. Generally, the industry is growing at 4% annually because the average car age on the road is at 9.8 years or more. So if you want a piece of this market, own a franchise center today.

How much does AAMCO Transmissions Franchise Cost?

The investment would range from $200,000 to $260,000 which includes the following:

  • Equipment - $80K - $100K
  • License fee - $39,500
  • Leasehold improvements - $20K - $30K
  • Working capital - $30K - $50K
  • Miscellaneous - $40K - $50K

If you’re a qualified buyer with a minimum of $50,000 liquid capital, you can also be entitled to financing through 401K/IRA Rollover Assistance, Conventional Loan Assistance, or SBA loan assistance.

This is not a bad deal at all if you consider the heavy training and support that they will provide to your business. The AAMCO Transmissions Franchise business plan has a good track record and proven system in the market.

Before you can operate a franchise, you need to go through their GOOD (Grand Opening Operations Development) training which includes three weeks of classroom training and five weeks on site grand opening support. They give you real estate support such as facility layout and design, lease/purchase negotiation assistance, and a real estate specialist onsite.

They also provide you with recruiting support (technical employees and sales manager) as well as operational support, technical support, and of course, marketing support. They have everything planned out for your success. Enjoy millions of dollars in annual sales with a potential for unlimited income.

Truly, an AAMCO Transmissions Franchise business plan is the right brand. And the right time to get started is now.


  • Samir Modi said on June 26, 2012
    Actually I am in India But now planing to move canada - manitoba OR ontario - toronto. is this possible to me? My maximum investment budget is C$ 250000. Can you provide me project report with potential sale and profit after all taxes and expanses. Really AAmco is best for me? Please advice me.
  • Michael said on September 3, 2012
    Do you accept international franchise, please give details of total investment. I live in Lagos Nigeria.


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