Advantage Rent a Car Franchise Information

Advantage Rent A Car business franchise is suitable for entrepreneurs who have excellent customer relating skills and interest in vehicles.

Any day is a reason to have fun and enjoy. You can do this by travelling across countries, and cities.

Surely, it would be even more fun to have your partner or your whole family with you on that trip. When you are travelling, all you can bring are your necessities. It is hard and more expensive if you would bring along with you, your car, especially if you are going to another country where you have to cross oceans and continents. But even without your car, you can still enjoy the sceneries all over your destination with the help of car rental establishments.

Normally, you can find agents of car rental companies in airports and other tourist spots so that they can get the attention of the travelers. Actually, availing a car rental service is really convenient especially if you are travelling as a group. You do not have to worry about each person’s fare in every destination that you would go to. Besides, you can tour around the place at a faster pace compared to tracking the places by walking or by trains.

Car rental business is much recommended for tourist destinations. There, you can get a lot of clients who are very willing to pay for the car rental fees. If you are interested to have your own car rental business, you might as well go for Advantage Rent A Car’s franchising opportunity. Advantage Rent A Car is just one of the numerous options you can get for a car rental service. But it could be the best choice one could decide on if ever.

Advantage Rent A Car is in search of franchisees nationwide. But now that it has expanded in many different areas worldwide, it is also accepting franchisees from Central America, Mexico, and South America. You can easily get the hand of this business if you have great customer service skills. This business venture is about pleasing your clients on their stay in your city or country. Your car rental service may be viewed by the clients as a part of their travelling experience. That is why you wouldn’t want to be a cause of the client’s dismay in your country or city because of your lack of people skills. Also, make your knowledge and interest in vehicles to your advantage. If you have enough background on the cars that you put for rent, then it is easier for you to convince your clients to take a car based on their needs. You can easily attract clients if they see you can take care of your cars excellently because that will be their basis if you really care about their satisfaction and safety.

If this is a business that truly interests you, then you must be ready to invest at least $157,900 up to $8,000,000. The investment may be quite costly because you would be investing on vehicles that are of great quality for your clients. A part of your investment will be used for the franchising fee, which must be turned over to the company upon signing the contract. Advantage Rent A Car charge their franchisees $25,000 up to $750,000. Periodically, you will be forwarding 3% of your sales, less all the deductibles, to the company. This is for the company’s part in your profits by using its name, reputation, and system.


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