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With the busy lifestyle of most professionals, there is a need to get mobile gadgets for the mobile office. Aside from your quality and durable phone, you should get other things like laptops, printers, etc.

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Working individuals are no longer confined inside their business offices. With the extreme competition in the market, you will benefit greatly from tech tools. This will allow you to work even in a mobile setting. You can turn your car into a mobile office where you can manage your appointments, documents, emails, and perform other necessary tasks. There are certain issues that you must address in order to ensure your safety. The use of in-vehicle devices or gadgets should be based on the existing laws aimed at using electronics while on the road.

Road Safety

Sending emails and even fax messages are possible in a mobile office. Road safety is a major concern so if you need to do important things, it wouldn’t hurt if you pullover to the side of the road first. By dong so, you can protect yourself and that of other motorists. When making phone calls, you don’t have to hold your phone anymore. You can use hands-free phones like the ones with a headset. This will allow you to focus your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. For around $79, you can already buy products like Magellan, TomTom, Clarion, and Alpine. The gadgets come with calling options, display screen, etc.

Other Gadgets to Buy

You will also need the ‘dictation automation’ service. There are mobile scribe services that you can use to jot down important notes. All you have to do is dictate the memos, notes, and other relevant information by phone. All the transcriptions will be sent to you via email and it will already be in text form. The service comes with a minimal monthly fee. Document management services are also available. By simply using your phone with a camera, you can turn it into a fax, copier, and scanner. The info will be saved online and will be sent as PDF files.

You can also get gadgets for your printing tasks. There are now portable printers and wireless adaptors. A wireless printer is what you need to handle instant printing. What about charging tools? You can get a power inverter. This will allow you to charge any AC-powered gadget like cell phones, laptops, etc. An integrated communication system is also a good option. To get things organized in your mobile office, you should purchase a large bag. Detachable compartments will allow you to store the gadgets with ease. Shop for the right mobile office gadgets today; if you buy online, you can find the best deals that can meet your budget.

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  • ashin said on October 13, 2011
    i'm planning to open a mobile stall on the road near by Glasgow central railway station. i contains cell phone related things like earphones, pouches, memory cards and small toys and key chains etc. i need your help, because i don't know the rules and regulations as well as rent and other things. plz if have any idea plz provide me. thank you ashin


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