How to Start a Pub Restaurant

Are you looking for a chance to run a pub restaurant? The surge of travelers, backpackers and tourists visiting places all over the world poses one great opportunity to become an entrepreneur. We offer you valuable fundamental knowledge on this kind of business.

Perhaps you've noticed how lucrative the hospitality and food industries are. Amid the global economic crunch, people continue to spend for food, travel and accommodation. The reason? There is a great need to once in a while distance from the bustles of city life.

Those with entrepreneur mindset look at this phenomenon as a profitable venture. If you're planning to open a pub restaurant, let us help you with the basics.

Profitability of the Business

Running a pub restaurant is not just profitable, it opens doors for you to learn about different cultures and people because tourists and travelers from around the world are your primary customers. Pub or public house is a place for drinking and eating. When a pub offers lodging, it becomes an inn or hotel. Pubs are traditionally licensed to offer drinks in regions where selling and drinking of alcohol is prohibited. Today, there is little difference between pubs, bars, inns, and hotels where alcohol is served.

Positioning of the Business

A pub restaurant is frequently visited by tourists to have merry-making and to relax. You must know that this kind of business normally operates at night until early dawn. Sales are stronger at night and during the weekends. You have to position your business right where the demand is - in the city or in the countryside where tourists and travelers flock. Backpackers and travelers who are budget-conscious and wish to spend more nights in the locality are likely to resort to staying in pubs with lodging.

Putting Up the Business

After finding a strategic location, obtain the necessary business licenses/permits. Decide on the pub layout. Pubs almost always offer some form of entertainment like gaming, singing and sport. Your pub restaurant may have a smoke room (indoor smoking area) in addition to the traditional counter, beverage bar, kitchen and dining area. As a restaurant, you should put emphasis on food, which is different from the simpler bar snacks. You're bound to offer lunch, dinner and midnight meals so decide your menu carefully. Hire a competent cook if you don't want to do the cooking yourself. Common pub food includes pies, chips, nuts, hot pots, roasts, burgers and spicy dishes.

You also need to decide which equipment to purchase, depending on the layout you've chosen. Basic wares and equipment for your pub restaurant include glass and silverware, sinks, racks, taps, beverage dispensers, cooler, freezer, ice bins, ice maker, coffee maker, dishwasher, cabinets, shelves, serving trays, kitchen and dining utensils. To serve freshly brewed beer, you need brewing equipment, of course.

The startup costs for a pub restaurant is at least $100,000. The more intricate the design, the greater is the cost.

Promoting the Business

Provide quality service, tasty food, lots of alcoholic beverage choices, affordable prices, and fine ambience for merry-making. As a public place, patrons will do the advertising leg work for you through word-of-mouth. Placing ads on magazine, newspapers, yellow pages, and Website helps.


  • nurul said on May 23, 2009
    i like to run a pub restaurant.
  • Vinay said on November 19, 2009
    I am interested in starting a PUB in bangalore. I have some ideas in my mind and would like to have a basic guidance for the same.
  • gloria said on February 14, 2010
    i would like to start a pub in the northern cape in south africa, pls help with the necessary information
  • Sujith said on February 24, 2010
    please provide us with sufficient information like calculation of SQM required and Seating capacity with respect to that..
  • ramanathan said on March 16, 2010
    can u tell what are procedure to start a pub in chennai
  • madushan said on April 17, 2010
    i am interested in opening a chinese restaurant in srilanka please tell me the procedure
  • simran said on April 23, 2010
    hi i wanna run a cafe cum restaurant in panchkula haryana india.
  • Aditi bhattacharya said on May 21, 2010
    I want to start a pub cum restaurant in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.. Need guidance for the same. Kindly help. Aditi
  • nikhil singhal said on July 24, 2010
    i want to start a pub in kolkata, west bengal, India. i want some information regarding the same. i want to know the investment required. Kindly help, Nikhil
  • Biswanaath said on August 6, 2010
    Hi Aditi, I have got 10 yrs experience in restaurant industry. i am from Kolkata, presently i am based in Bangalore. Number is 9535236314. call any time for assistant. i would like to be managing partner in same field. Thanks
  • roy said on August 10, 2010
    i would like to franchise a restaurant or pub in kolkata. need to know the investment and prospect. also could u plz let me know is there any franchising opportunity in kolkata for restaurant /pubs like in u.k.?
  • Mrinalini Iyengar said on August 17, 2010
    If anybody needs help with the interior decor at the minimum rates please write in. I need to build on my portfolio and we could provide mutual help. Thank you.
  • manish said on August 18, 2010
    I am from Australia. I want to open a pub in bangalore. Please suggest.
  • manish agarwal said on August 28, 2010
    hi i am from kolkata and i want to start a restaurant in kolkata so please give me the details how i started it. and what kind of rules and regulation i have to follow for it
  • seeker said on September 2, 2010
    hi, i want to start a pub in a town called itanagar. i just need to know how to start up things. ty
  • asavela wakudiashi said on September 8, 2010
    i would like to open a pub with a restaurant. i live in cape town. please help me
  • SAJU said on September 24, 2010
    what is the cost for the licenses/permits for the pub.
  • Margaret said on November 3, 2010
    I have some money to invest. What better then to invest in my children my son is a cheff my daughter managers a pub for someone else. I like to open a B&B/Pub-Resturant in the Houston Texas airea. I like something diffrent
  • nitin soni said on December 11, 2010
    i would like to open a restaurant cum pub in nagpur(MS). anybody here can suggest me the places where i can execute this idea
  • N Balachandra said on January 20, 2011
    Would like to open Bar and Restaurant in Chennai city. Want to know the rules to getting from the Tamilnadu govt
  • BASHKARAN said on January 28, 2011
    hi- i need some details of starting a pub or discotheque in trichy with some specialized things. can u tell me the procedures to follow that by starting in a well running hotel by getting contract basis or by joint handling.
  • Thomas Brant said on February 18, 2011
    Hello I'm from Kingston Ontario Canada and I'm thinking about opening up my own Pub but in another Province Vancouver British Columbia. I got many idea's going through my mind. just wondering if its worth putting up a pub business in that area. Thank you for your time
  • Raja said on March 29, 2011
    Hi, i would like to start the PUB in Chennai. what is formalities in Tamil Nadu government & what would be minimum budget would require to start a business.
  • neil coomes said on May 10, 2011
    Hi, we are thinking of opening a kitchen in a local pub in greater london, but are a bit confused if it would have to be a franchise or if we set it up as a new business and rent the kitchen space? any help would be much appreciated?? cheers
  • Thuso said on May 30, 2011
    Hi,i want to open a pub in Soweto (South Africa) and i just wanted guidance on how to start and the laws around starting such a business.
  • Mickye said on June 8, 2011
    i would like to open a pub / dance club in the area of Helderberg South africa. can anyone help with a business plan and who i can talk to about funding?
  • vinod jayaprakash said on June 9, 2011
    I wanna start a dj pub at coimbatore.... If anyone knows the rules n norms of it... Can anyone help me.....
  • deepak said on June 21, 2011
    i really want to start a pub immediately... please help me with some innovative ideas on how to manage and all.. i reside at new bombay. thank you
  • Andrew Jayamaha said on August 23, 2011
    I would like to start the Restaurant & Pub on Colombo Negombo road at Tudella, opposite Church on Christking road 100 meters from the main road on 10 perches land.Please advice.
  • Dushyant Bhati said on August 25, 2011
    Hii..I would like to start up a pub Restaurant in Delhi/NCR,so I want to know the procedure as how to get it operated,where from I have to seek permission/license, wts d minimum investment in indian currency and how to get it registered...PLZZZ help me out..!
  • Prakash Nayak said on November 10, 2011
    i wish to start a PUB restaurant in West bangalore. please advise me about the procedures involved in obtaining license and clearances from local ordinances.
  • Mohamed Raffi said on November 18, 2011
    Hi This Raffi, i have an idea to open new pub so i need estimation and procedures to do... Exp: Chennai, Tamilnadu, india
  • manu kurup said on November 19, 2011
    i'm planning to start a pub in mumbai, help me with the procedure. how to start
  • Sayak Mukhopadhyay said on February 28, 2012
    I would like to open one pub restaurant in Durgapur, west bengal, bcz of this is the city is filled up with industry & industrialist & the new project coming here like aerotropolish & others bringing a lot of people here with foreigner & by nature every one wants to break the regular life with some fun when they r away from their home. Moreover I saw when some of the hotels are arranging some night in their premises the young generation buzzing there in extreme manner. So that it will be helpful for me that if your site can gibe ma a project cost & legal papers to start it
  • Suresh Venkatasamy said on March 19, 2012
    I am Suresh and returning from US and interested to open a Fine Dine Restaurant with a pub in Coimbatore, India. Pls advice the steps and investment involved. I am planning to spend some where between 75L to 1 Cr. Thanks Suresh
  • Rahul Chandan said on March 20, 2012
    Hi, I would like to start my own Sports pub in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. i would like to have 1 big projector screen to show live sports and 3-4 plasma screens on other walls. I would give the cocktails various sporty names. Also have a DJ & karaoke box where people will get an opportunity to sing and even try commentary on the non-live sports programs. I many such ideas and would like a business associate and expert advice on starting this business
  • vijayalakshmi srinivasan said on April 6, 2012
    chennai; I would like to start a pub and restaurant business. Tell me the procedures and licenses/permit to be obtained. What is the minimum and maximum space required for starting this business? Legal formalities to be complied with?
  • PRANVEER CHOUHAN said on April 7, 2012
    i would like to start a pub in the BHOPAL MP INDIA , pls help with the necessary information. my contact no is +919713018928. pls help me
  • kamalnayak said on April 22, 2012
    i am willing to start a pub somewhere in bangalore and i am willing to know the procedure
  • karthik said on April 25, 2012
    I want to start a pub in bangalore could you help me out in the procedure to be followed and investment and license needed
  • dhanesh Agarwal said on April 26, 2012
    I would like to open a happening pub in west Bengal with good music. however I'm totally new to this line of business. kindly help
  • manish kumar said on May 7, 2012
    hi, i want to start a bar and restaurant in delhi. what would be the minimum investment and the process? also i want to know the difference between a bar and a pub?
  • Anshuman Bhattacharya said on May 8, 2012
    Hi, I want to start a bar and restaurant in kolkata. What would be the minimum investment and process? plz ans me as early as possible.
  • Akshay Agre. said on July 2, 2012
    Hi, I want to start my own family restaurant in navi mumbai. plz suggest mi minimum investment. and better plans for it... plz ans we.......... i m waiting.
  • sureshram said on July 3, 2012
    hi i am sureshram i like to run a pub restaurant in chennai or outside of chennai. what will be the total cost
  • Joshua said on July 4, 2012
    I am about to venture into a Gastro Pub in Bangalore first of its kind, Looking for potential investors. I could share details depending on the intensity of the investors interest. Can contact me at Looking forward hearing from potential and vision minded entrepreneurs.
  • Karthik said on July 11, 2012
    I need to start a pub in coimbatore and i need to know the procedures to start up. Please any one can send the details for investment and the investment details.....
  • Jaikumar said on August 2, 2012
    I want to start a Restaurant and Bar in Pune. looking forward to procedure and Capital required. i have my own space here.
  • Rohit Chabra said on August 5, 2012
    like to start a bar cum restaurant in kolkata can any one let me know the rules and procedure or are there any consultants who deal .
  • given said on August 20, 2012
    hi , i am trying to open a night club in midrand , pretoria, however i am not sure as to where to start or all the necessary documentation needed to start the business , please help
  • MAHESH said on August 22, 2012
    Want to start a Pub in Pune / Banglore. Can you help me out with the initial investment that will be required for license & other.
  • Rakesh said on August 26, 2012
    Hi i want to start a pub in hyderabad... whats the procedure to start it? How much investment will be required.
  • Jaco Barnard said on August 28, 2012
    I would like to start a sportsbar in Pretoria Gauteng what would my start up cost be?
  • Pradeep Nalawade said on August 30, 2012
    I have the necessary expertise, an innovative idea and some investment to start a lounge bar. Any one with a suitable place in Mumbai/ New Mumbai.(area required - >1500sqft carpet, more than 100 mtrs away from any hospital, college, religious place.) pls contact for a joint venture , profit sharing venture. Thanks
  • Mani said on September 2, 2012
    I would like to start a pub in chennai. Does anyone know the procedures to start?
  • Pawan Mahato said on September 4, 2012
    Hi, I want to Start Restaurant cum Bar Business at Jharkhand . Please Help me 09831225209
  • prashant chaudhary said on September 10, 2012
    hi i want to start a bar and restaurant in delhi please help me i need business model or project report guidance. contact me at 8800564343.
  • Vikas Rai said on October 9, 2012
    I want to open a Lounge bar in bhopal(M.P)city. I am looking for every information related from project formation to licensing & successful launch. Please help.
  • Nakra said on October 26, 2012
    Hello, I am looking to open a chinese restaurant in west of New delhi. I found a subsidized location and I have money to do exterior designing and make few other structural changes. I am wondering what paperwork/License do I require to open restaurant. I am looking a simple restaurant with about 70-100 people capacity. I will appreciate to you can email at
  • Nakra said on October 26, 2012
    I am looking a potential Investor to open non-store hot & Cold Beverage and deli station. Idea is to serve large quantity. Provide a quality product at a reasonable price. Anyone interested please email at . We are looking at less than 5 lakhs of investment to open first non- store stop.
  • Ketan Mehta said on November 2, 2012
    Hello, I am planning to open a Lounge bar in Kolkata - West Bengal - India. Approximate space is 3000 sq feet with kitchen. Could you please advice the Cost of opening, Licenses required. Further what would be the operation cost. Thanks & regards, Ketan
  • Mriganka acharjee said on November 23, 2012
    hi. i live in agartala, tripura. so i want to start a bar or disco in agartla. so can u plz guide me how much money to invest and how much land is needed for starting a bar?
  • sujeet pandey said on December 3, 2012
    i want to start a sports bar cum restaurant in pune... i need some basic information to open or what kind of permission i have to take from government. and i need some contact numbers of profit ventures.. will u pls help? further i will make it as bar cum disc.. pls help..
  • yuvaraj said on December 6, 2012
    Hi i would like to open a PUB in chennai what is the procedure
  • nc said on December 12, 2012
    good lord! how many desis want to open a pub! and that too sharma and bhattacharya and muktopadhyaya and pandey and even a vijayalakshmi!!! times have changed indeed. even i too wanna open a pub :-). apparently in a place like bangalore, they are not issuing licenses anymore. you can only buy one from somebody who already holds it - 25 lakhs for a draft beer license and 40 lakhs for a hard liquor license. on top of that - rent, interior decoration, tables/chairs/utensils, cooks/waiters salary, beer kegs ... wonder how much one would require to kick it off?
  • shray jain said on December 18, 2012
    I would like to open Start a Pub Restaurant in nagpur, maharastra, india. What is the procedure?
  • Deepak said on January 9, 2013
    I would like to open Start a Pub Restaurant, Pune, Maharastra, India. Need guidance
  • surendrababu.k said on January 31, 2013
    I really much interested to start an A/C Bar with restaurant at high ways of Coimbatore. Please advice me the procedures
  • Anirban Bhattacharya said on February 12, 2013
    I am interested in starting up a new restaurant in Kolkata. So Scouting for land. I have capital I want experienced people to guide me with man power for this purpose. I can make avail of the land too. Interested person may contact me at
  • varun beginner adviser said on February 12, 2013
    hello every one , my name is varun nayak i am from pune presently working as f&b manager with one of the 5 star hotel in pune . i have 12 yrs of experience in bars & restaurant . will be interested to communicate and help solve ur queries. regards Varun 9850442336 || Pub Restaurant Expert

  • lindiwe said on February 18, 2013
    Hi there i would like to open a restaurant/pub in soweto, i need to know what is it that i need to have.
  • Bonginkosi said on February 18, 2013
    South africa Gauteng, i'm a dj have exp in managing djs and doing event organizer for pubs & clubs. 0793615063
  • Shubham Saxena said on February 24, 2013
    I want to start a pub ( disco, restaurant and bar) in Bhopal, madhya pradesh . Kindly help me, knowing. The license. Procedure Shubham Saxena 982714195
  • joydip said on March 1, 2013
    I am planning to open a bar cum restaurant in kolkata and Please guide me how to start this business and what are the licenses are required and is there any location preference. Also i would like to know the financial planning of this business.
  • nilesh said on March 1, 2013
    like to start sports pub at mumbai,india need some guidance ....
  • Ganesh said on March 9, 2013
    I wish to open a Sports Bar in Pimple Saudagar, Pune, MH (India). Please let me know what kind of permits/licenses are needed. Plan is to serve Beer, Brezer mostly.
  • pooja rao said on April 18, 2013
    Want to start a pub restaurant in pune need to know about license please help
  • Franklin said on April 25, 2013
    Hi I should open a bar at any cost to achive my goal . I just completed my BHM (hotel management ) I always prefer have my own business . I would need some experience for at least 2 years but then after that work like a slave under someone will spoil my goal . But am rich enough to start a big pub , restaurant I need to show my hard earning money and reep it . Please help me with a good plan where I can start my business . However I have no clue about bar , how it works , how to sort out financial needs etc .... Though its too quick to plan about a business empty handed . I need some tips which can give me the confidence to get my goal on a right track .. May sound funny ... So far whatever I have tried had ended up in failure , I just dont care about the petty amounts I have lost . as failure is a stepping stone for success I get to learn on each of my failure . I request to guide me and lead my life . I can work as an employee but I dont want to die as an employee !!
  • mauro ressa said on May 5, 2013
    I want to open a bar in Kloof Durban in a shopping centre which i have identified. what do I do next. Do I need a license? From which authority.
  • Tushar said on May 7, 2013
    Went to start a pub restaurant in Nagpur need to know about licenses & cost pls help
  • amit kumar shukla said on July 14, 2013
    i like to start a night club in bhopal as its a good tourist place and there is not much night life. so if u could help me with some thing and some basic steps to be taken on the same.
  • prem said on July 23, 2013
    Am prem from chennai.. any one in chennai wants start a resto bar and pub in partnership call number is 8124444445
  • Nico said on August 14, 2013
    Hi I would like to buy a night club/ pub. I would like to know how one goes around calculating your profits/ losses from liquor sales on a monthly basis as I don't have any previous experience. Is there a short course that I can take to help me with the running of a night club/ pub. Also I would like to know all the appropriate license etc. I might need. Thanks and regards, Nico
  • Mohit said on August 26, 2013
    i want to start restaurant cum bar in MP. please advice the legal procedure to be followed for starting.
  • aarav vaish said on September 9, 2013
    I want to start a pub in bhopal mp. Kindly suggest me the legal procedure .
  • renĂ©e said on September 27, 2013
    Hi, I have a running pub/restaurant in the Helderberg Area in Western Cape South Africa for sale. Please contact me for more info
  • KAVI said on October 7, 2013
    HI, I want to start a pub ( disco, restaurant ) in Copimbatore Tamilnadu. Kindly help me, knowing about more. also where to start a pub . The license. Procedure etc. Kavitha
  • tsebo said on October 15, 2013
    Hi I'm a 28 year old guy 4rm soweto I hv a dream of starting a pub can u plz help me we're to start, what to do, plz
  • Murari Kumar said on January 13, 2014
    Dear All... If you want to start Cafe, Coffee Shop, Cafe House, Restaurant, Bar, Night Club or any other Hospitality Business. Please Contact NIHOM HOSPITALITY SERVICES, New Delhi. Ph:+91-9990300607, Email:
  • Ravi said on January 31, 2014
    I want to start a pub cum restaurant in downtown Mumbai. Please advise me in detail with regards to the permits and infrastructure needed . Thanks
  • pawan bhujiya said on February 2, 2014
    i want to start a liquor shop or a pub or a beer shop in madhya pradesh, please tell me what are the license i need with details. thanking you
  • Siji Abraham said on February 17, 2014
    Please tell me the legal formalities for opening a restro bar in my city
  • Praveer Gupta said on March 13, 2014
    HI looking to open a bar cum restaurant in delhi. want to know the investment of license and set-up costing and no. 9968743905, 8447330837
  • jiten pegu said on March 13, 2014
    Now lovely place for hotel and finding restaurant in guwahati assam
  • jiten pegu said on March 13, 2014
    Now lovely place for finding vvip family restaurant in guwahati assam. Anybody looking for kitchen setups person please contact to me. Myself jiten pegu. Mail I.d., Contact no. 9954473186
  • ramavtar sharma said on March 19, 2014
    HI looking to open a bar cum restaurant in gwalior. want to know the investment and pub of license and set-up costing and no. 07489179910, 09303030441
  • Vipin Dhama said on March 21, 2014
    Hi I am planning to open a pub in Delhi so will you please help me out in the investment n it's licensing ..
  • manish vashist said on April 22, 2014
    trying to start a pub in navi mumbai plam beach road area place is visited by expats and good foot fall area, premium location should do well , need capital and know how. can take care of day to day management. international or national partners welcome with proportionate stake and profit sharing . can invest upto 1- 30 % of the corpus with own funds. i.e USD 30,000 shall be own investment rest can you has to be raised from other sources . people with expertise are welcome. pl write to me at manish or call+919757229699,
  • Shabbir said on June 9, 2014
    i want to start Pub in maharastra, and need the info for the licensing formalities. plz contact 919833678308
  • prashant madhur said on June 13, 2014
    hi, this prashant madhur here from mumbai, i run bar and restaurant in mumbai(ghatkoper), people out here who are keen to start up there own bar and restaurant, let me tell you one thing regarding the license procedure, to get a alcohol license we should around 2 crores to get that license, that will be done through excise dept , instead of going for the license, the better way is that the NETWORK, get involve with partnership with the person who can trust and he his run his own bar and restaurant ,with u will learn the procedure of how bar and restaurant runs.


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