How to Clean a Restaurant

Owning a restaurant comes with a lot of responsibility. Aside from seeing to it that your customers are satisfied with the dishes that you are offering, high quality service is also expected. This service encompasses a lot of things, from the customer-personnel relation up to the total outlook of the restaurant.

And since this business deals with food, it is also expected that the place will be thoroughly clean, the reason why there is a need for you to know how to clean a restaurant.

Restaurants are expected to be clean places, probably more as compared to other kinds of establishments. The reason for this is very obvious: this is a place where food is served and eaten. Health and safety is the primary concern here and surely, no one would be enticed to dine in your restaurant if floors are dirty, walls are specked with molds and table and chairs are full of dusts. Cleanliness plays a big role in the success of this kind of business entity.

Cleaning Kitchen Items

After every shift of cooking, it is expected that the kitchen items will be thoroughly cleaned. Right after you have cooked poultry, fish and meat, make sure that you will be brushing the grill. Also, make sure that the preparation and line areas are wiped clean. Cutting boards should also be switched every now and then to avoid accumulation of too much dirt. It is also expected that you will change the cleaning rags as well as the sanitizing water every now and then. And there is definitely no need to explain why trash bins must be regularly emptied. Fryers must also be cleaned and the sanitizing buckets must be emptied. Cleaning rugs, on the other hand, must be put in the dirty laundry. Meanwhile, the chefs’ coats and aprons must also be placed in the laundry but they must be separated from the cleaning rags. All surfaces are expected to be washed and sanitized, such as the cutting boards, prep tables, reach in and line. The kitchen floor must also be swept and mopped.

Daily Cleaning List

For the daily cleaning of the restaurant, it is expected that you will clean all of the grease traps. Also, foil linings of range, flattops and grill must be changed. The can opener must be washed also and hood filters must be run through the dishwasher.

Weekly Cleaning List

For your weekly cleaning, it is a must that you empty all of the reach in coolers and have them washed and sanitized. Faucets and sinks must be checked if they are free from any lime. Coffee machine must also be cleaned as well as the ovens. Make sure that when you clean the stove, you will adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer. And although it is not really cleaning, knives must also be sharpened. Drain cleaners must be utilized on the floor drains.

Monthly Cleaning List

The rear part of the hot line namely fryers, stove and oven must be washed to eliminate build up of grease which is actually haphazard to fire. Freezers must also be spotlessly cleaned. The ice machine must be emptied and sanitized and the ovens, calibrated as well as the thermometers.


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