What is a Good Name for a Restaurant

Having your own name is like having your own identity. If people will want to be addressed by their own names, businesses also need to have their own unique names to make them different from others, something that will serve as the trademark of your restaurant.

Pointers on what is a good name for a restaurant must be learned to ensure that even with names alone, the business will already stick in the customers’ minds.

Choosing the name of your restaurant is as essential as deciding on the kind of food that you will serve to your crowd. A good name of a restaurant must be easy to spell as well as remember. You may choose a name that will reflect the theme of your restaurant, the location where it can be found or simply play with words. In the end, it will all boil down to the fact that the restaurant’s name is something that will imprint a good impression to your customers.

Location as Your Basis

More often than not, giving your restaurant a name is something that is so plain simple, especially if your location will be your cue. Think of a name that will make people stop and think of the place where it is located for their curiosity to be ignited to be visit your place.

Themes Being Reflected

The name of your restaurant might also be based on the menu that you prepare or the theme that you have. Good examples of these would be the Chinese restaurants, with names ranging from Fortune Fountain, Jade Palace as well as The New Great Wall. The names already imply that they serve Chinese delicacies. Meanwhile, if your menu is made of food from Mexico, Giovanni is a name that can confuse customers and make them think that the food that you have are Italian.

Personal Meaning to the Name

Many people feel that when they open their restaurants, it is like they are also giving birth to their own child. There are also instances where the name of the restaurant is the owner’s name’s reflection or that of a person who is near to their hearts. Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, followed the name from that of his daughter’s. If in case that your grandmother has a great influence for your love for cooking, you might name the place after her name. Whatever could be the story or meaning behind that name, make sure that you can share it to your customers who surely appreciate a nice story every now and then.

The Word Play

Many restaurants have names that have no relations whatsoever to foods that they serve. But these are the very same names that can be remembered easily and passed through word of mouth. For instance, Wolfgang Puck, a celebrity chef, opted to call his restaurant Spago, the slang for spaghetti in Italy. The name will obviously not give you an idea that they serve a mix of Californian and Mediterranean dishes, with wood-fired pizzas as their specialty.


  • ELVYN GOMES said on January 20, 2012
    need a good name for a company which is on way with restaurants, food processing and higher end catering. would prefer the name 'gomez' included, thankz
  • Joydeep Kar said on September 15, 2015
    I want a good name of my restaurant which is located in a sea beach area huge foot falling area of this tourist place.every one known that place as the name 'Digha'


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